Battlefield 4: PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One vs. PC Graphic Comparison [Video]

Battlefield 4 next-gen vs. PC • Face offs • Eurogamer.netThe videos shown below are taken from the Xbox One and Playstation 4′s development kits used by the game-makers. The game as shown is what DICE claims to be a “near-finalized state” adding that only very minor tweaks will be added to what is shown below.

For control, full RGB settings were changed in both the Xbox One and Playstation 4′s system setting menus, the game’s brightness setting is set to its default 30%, and video resolution was at 1080p. PC’s have the upper hand as the hardware can be updated to outperform the next generation consoles, for the purpose of this test, the PC setup is thought to be center line to what users may be running today. PC settings were set to “ultra” at 1080p and was ran on an eight-core AMD FX-8350 CPU, 8GB of RAM and dual-Crossfired HD 7970s.

Three videos comparing the two next generation consoles and PC are after the break.

PlayStation 4 vs. PC comparison

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One comparison

Xbox One vs. PC comparison

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 Frame-Rate Tests

  • Jasonelmore

    Cant believe it, but the xbox one’s image quality is significantly better. Closest to the PC out of all of them.

    • Weeshnaw

      No, it looks worse, they just added a darkening effect to make it look better.

      • Jasonelmore

        Nah it’s because the xbox uses DirectX like the PC version which has way better effects and lighting.

        • Ruibrandas

          No man, both consoles use directx 11, and the engine is the same. In fact Weeshnaw has a point, they darkened the textures to bang out the look, but that was a good idea, because they seem more defined, in reality they arent, PS4 and PC versions are the most close comparison because XO dont use HBAO, and that is significantly visible in the videos. As of the comparisons they arent full HD in both consoles. PS4 uses HIGH settings on 1600x1200p and XO uses 1280x720p resolution at meddium settings (HBAO or SSAO off). PC uses 1920×1080 at ultra settings in the videos. As in fact the “next gen” consoles are inferior to PC and always will be. That’s the rule.

          • Jasonelmore

            actually i was wrong, neither use directX for BF4, they both use AMD’s Mantle API to skip D3D all together. If what you say about the darkening effect is true, it was a mistake. The PC does not have this darkening effect and it’s regarded as being best looking of all of them.

            Regarding your resolution claims, Source?

          • Ahmed Abdelkarim

            ur a graphics nurd, PC will never Be superior to consoles specially PS4 if you know the meaning of gaming and holding a controller in ur hand rather than mouse, u PC gamers are just jealous,keep arguing about the extra resolution ur PC can have and ur eyes stopped feeling the difference along while ago,making graphics any better than PS4 wouldnt be felt by human eyes except by slowing it down and repeating the clip 10 times and at the end i didnt feel any difference lol, PS4 will always be superior if you know the meaning of gaming :))

          • Lance Lane

            Wait… So all of those XBox controllers for PC that sell everywhere don’t actually exist?! Oh. My. God. Think of all the poor souls who spend $30 on one of those controllers, never to get one delivered. Enough of the sarcasm though. Everyone gets what they get. Consoles are very standard and streamlined with pretty good graphical performance. PC’s are cheaper in the long run, and perform greater than the consoles, but usually end up with more issues just because of the vast variety of hardware computers can have, and it’s not ideal for the average person to build their own rig. In the end, it’s whatever you want, whatever you need, and what makes YOU happy. :)

          • Ed Foulds

            You don’t use a controller for aiming in shooting games. The only reason it might feel nicer for you guys is because you get aim assist.

          • Steve Kitts

            *You’re *nerd *especially *your *a mouse *your *your *a long while
            All of that, by the way, is just letting the catastrophe that is your grammar alone.

            That said, I believe you mean that better graphics wouldn’t be SEEN by the human eye. This is just not true. Perhaps you mean framerate, but again, that’s not true. It’s commonly believed the PS4 will be running at 60 fps (which it won’t), and that the human eye can’t see faster than 60 fps (which it can).
            The graphics on a PC are better, provided the PC in question has the hardware to handle it. I’m speaking here, not of my opinion, but in matters of fact. Also, the meaning of gaming has little to do with what platform you do so on. I should also mention that, while a mouse simply does provide more precise aiming than a controller, the option to use a controller certainly does exist on a PC.
            In summary, not one point you made in that entire rant was valid, or even coherent.
            There are games that will always be better on consoles. This is not because consoles are “better”, but because certain games are made FOR the consoles and ported to PC. This, unfortunately for you, is a title that was made FOR PC and ported to consoles; so even that doesn’t work to your advantage here.
            I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

          • Josh Wobbles

            Because you cannot plug a controller into a PC right…. And PC graphics have ALWAYS been years ahead of consoles, thats just the way it is…

  • 4514N_DUD3

    Pffff, if you guys really want to compare the graphics between the three, then use games that uses Cryengine.