Battlefield 4 pre-order exclusive offer

Gamestop offerIf the closest used/new video game store near you is Gamestop or EB games, then now is your chance to pre-order Battlefield 4 and get an air vehicle unlock kit for Battlefield 3. The Air Vehicles Shortcut Kit instantly unlocks all 38 upgrades across all airborne vehicles in Battlefield 3.

Announced on the official Battlefield Facebook page:

Just Announced for GameStop Power Up Rewards Members!

Pre-Order Battlefield 4 to immediately receive the Air Vehicles Shortcut Kit for use in Battlefield 3.

Pre-order at GameStop now:

Now is the great opportunity to pre-order Battlefield 4 and have instant access to it on October 29, 2013 while also getting some unlocks for Battlefield 3!

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  • Cameron

    That’s bullshit, now for all of us in the UK will be at an instant disadvantage. This means just by chance if you live near a Gamestop you can get a huge advantage on everyone who doesn’t. Totally unfair.

    • Garry dubin

      bullshit indeed, i want to forget about BF3, why would i go for this, bf3 was more like COD than BF2, I am hoping BF4 will be more BF2 … last chance DICE..

    • Branden Cusolle

      It isn’t really that special when you think about it… This game has been out for a long time and if you are a fan of bf3 and play a lot you would already have the unlocks.