Battlefield 4 Premium refunds available for Xbox One players

bf-premiumScores of Xbox One owners are stating on the official Battlefield forums that they were able to receive refunds for their $50 Battlefield 4 Premium subscriptions after speaking with Microsoft Support. Server issues and game instabilities are to blame for the angered Battlefield 4 customers seeking reimbursement.

It is unclear if PS3/4 owners are receiving the same refund from Sony.  Like the Xbox and PC versions of the game, the PS4 version is also suffering from server issues and frequent crashes. DICE released a PS4 patch today that promises to boost general stability and performance.

  • Christopher Wagner

    I have an xbox one and i can say there were no issues on the 360 at all. On the xbox one servers, after said patch release, there is very little change to the functionality of the online play. Constant crash, no server connections, and when i go to a specific game type, it brings me to another. Truly disapointing and i have lost faith in this franchise.