Battlefield 4 promotional material hints return of Commander mode

rsz_battlefield_4_wallpaper_hd_screenshot_3New Battlefield 4 promotional material reportedly spotted at GameStop indicates that the game will feature the return of Commander mode and the ability to play as three different factions in multiplayer.

Commander Mode was a big part of Battlefield 1, 2, and 2142, allowing a single player to take command over the battlefield by issuing a variety of airdrops in the form of vehicles and supplies, and requesting airstrikes on enemy territory bringing a more tactical approach to the game. The mode gave Commanders a bird’s eye view of the battlefield and allowed them to issue commands to squads. The mode was removed in Bad Company and its sequel, and did not make a return in Battlefield 3.

One of the highlights of the poster also states that there will be three playable factions: this probably refers to the multiplayer mode of the game since we already know that the single player campaign is going to focus on the story of a single character.

Neither EA Games nor DICE have made any announcements regarding Commander mode or confirmed any of the other features in the poster.