Battlefield 4 Remote-Controlled Mortar Confirmed For Support Class

rsz_battlefield_4_screenshot_8-10-13Battlefield posted a new screenshot today (full screen here) and revealed on their tumblr that the support class will have a redesigned gadget: remote-controlled mortar, in addition to the already revealed XM25 airburst launcher.

Unfortunately, no further information was revealed regarding the redesigned mortar, beyond it being remote-controlled, allowing support players “to give indirect fire support while staying with the squad.”  This sounds like a potentially exciting improvement for the mortar over what we had in Battlefield 3, which required the support to plant themselves somewhere far from the action.  Because so little was revealed, there are still a number of ways in which this could be implemented.  Will the support still have a deploy-able (and destroy-able) piece of equipment to place and then control from afar, like we see with the SOFLAM and EOD bot in Battlefield 3?  Will it be a simple aiming system like the mortar in Battlefield 3, or will they implement something more challenging?  Will it instead be a designator like we saw in the Bad Company series?  There are a number of questions to be answered about the new mortar.  One can only hope we will see it in action in the playable version of Battlefield 4 streaming from the Gamescom show floor.

Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
  • Magilla187

    The “indirect mortar” could possibly be from the BFBC2 mortar system

    • Heplinger

      I think that is a real possibility. I do wonder, however, with them trying to give more teamwork options, if it might work hand-in-hand with the laser designator, in which case it is very broad and indirect fire alone, and more like the BC2 system when your recon lasers a target. I really hope they let us see how it works next week!