Battlefield 4: Remote-Controlled Mortar Gameplay (Video)

Remote Mortar

Daskro posted a video of some of his game play at the recent event at the EA/DICE Los Angeles studios.  The main purpose of his video is to give us a first view of some actual game play using the remote-controlled mortar.  We also seem some XM25 airburst game play, and at the end of his video, we get to see a little game play with the UTS-15.

The remote-controlled mortar is equipment available to the support class (as the mortar was in BF3).  It can be placed  in a location chosen by the player and fired using a remote aiming console, providing the player the opportunity to remain with their squad as a part of the action, rather than a sitting duck on the back edges of the map.  The mortar aims and fires in a manner similar to the BF3 mortar in that you use your aiming console to choose a location on the map from an overhead view and click to fire.  Per Daskro, the BF4 mortar can be fired in a five-round volley and slowly reloads ammo over time.  He also points out that the five rounds can be fired in quick succession, but they are apparently more accurate if you pause a little between them.  Daskro also notes that there is fear it currently reloads too quickly; DICE is apparently looking into this suggestion based on his twitter conversation with Demize99.

The five-round volley with a slow reload time between is certainly going to cut down on the level of mortar spam one can dish out, as well as encourage support players running remote-controlled mortar to keep moving.  Also, the damage he inflicts does not appear to be overboard, so it appears this will be more of an area deterrent than the point-and-click kill-o-matic some people feared.  A deterrent mechanism is how I would prefer to play it, anyway.

On Daskro’s minimap, his mortar appears to show up like a manned emplacement.  I am curious how a mortar shows up to the other team; I am guessing it will be an enemy emplacement icon that shows up when firing and/or spotted.  It also is not clear from this video what the mortar’s range is.  Around the 4:00 mark, he fires a volley at a range of about 100 meters, but at no point really seems to test the minimum or maximum.

I honestly look forward to trying this one out; I really appreciate that DICE has given support the ability to support their squad in-person while still providing occasional mortar fire.  I also cannot wait to see people accidentally mortar themselves!

Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
  • mus1CKFps

    im really looking forward to the new Support Class, Can’t Wait to play BF4


      Hmmmmm. I think I’m personally at odds with the RC mortar. I sure hope future videos will help me change my mind about it.

      • mus1CKFps

        Whats not to like about it ? it was complete crap in BF3 especially on console because you couldn’t expand your mini map and i like the new UTS shotgun and the WAY the new LMGs handle the variety of different attachments and the xm-25 i think the new mortar is mainly going to be very well used on rush and obliteration game modes thats the only time i’d use it


          Oh, I’m not saying this isn’t a welcomed replacement from the one in BF3… I’m just… meh. :) I can see the good and bad. I hope over time, it’ll be more good than bad.

          One thing for sure I like is that the ammo is replenished over time. If it weren’t, I can just see support guys dropping an ammo pack and spamming RC mortars.

          I can see how this is going to change Rush maps. Arm M-COM, and watch the support guys RC mortar until the timer is up and the M-COM is destroyed.

          • mus1CKFps

            yeah tacticool for me i do know there will be some derps in game who use it for other reasons but other then that its good to be able to use something that way also about the replenishing ammo i feel the same way for the tanks and attack boats that the players driving them will have to think twice before wasting all their ammo

    • Heplinger

      Me too. Despite its weaknesses, it was still somehow my favorite class to run in BF3. It will very likely be my favorite in BF4 with all these new and tweaked gadgets. Those LMGs look like they are going to feel heavy and powerful.

      I am really thankful for the mortar change; in BF3, I was that support that would place the mortar, fire off a round or two, pick it up and keep moving. Problem with that was you would get the mortar too close to the action and be hindered by its minimum effective range.

      • mus1CKFps

        yeah thats after they put that patch in so mortars couldnt stay in the spawn which somewhat was more effective then trying to move up and mortar especially on the smaller maps

  • chathura225