Battlefield 4 screenshots leaked [UPDATE: Now with HD images]

battlefield 4 screenshot leak

Today we get our first glimpse at Battlefield 4 and what the  new Frostbite 3 engine can do. Images are starting to leak from today’s GDC event, with more official ones we’re sure to follow. Below are three Battlefield 4 screenshots that have leaked.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments section. Is that Matt LeBlanc?

Stay tuned for additional updates as Battlefield 4 is officially unveiled at GDC.

[UPDATE]  HD images now available. Click the images below

battlefield 4 screenshot leak thumb battlefield 4 screenshot leak3 thumb battlefield 4 screenshot leak2 thumb


  • Gavin Williams

    They look like cut scenes or concept art. And they look like BF3. I’m not impressed yet.

    • xtole

      I agree. I’d like to see some gameplay screenshots. Perhaps we’ll see them when they release the promised trailer