Battlefield 4: Spectator Mode Explained (video)

A feature that will be welcomed by YouTube movie makers and the E-sports community, Battlefield’s Spectator mode is thought to be a product of DICE’s previous comments that they are very interested in E-sports.

The spectator mode features different viewable camera angles, which players can customize and position anywhere on the map. Players will be able to spectate any match in Battlefield 4, regardless whether the server is full or not. The viewable angles include Table Top View, First Person View, Third Person View, and Free Cam.

Spectating is live, with no delay – which may present problems with ghosting in the final game.

To help shed some light on the virgin eyes glued to the monitors at E3, a few FAQs were answered by DICE:

What’s up with the different colors on objectives and soldiers?
The current implementation in Spectator Mode quickly helps spectators identify the two teams (one will always be blue, the other always red). This can be different from a gamer’s first-person view has a different and more granular color coding, where green means squad mate, blue is team mate, and red means enemy. We’re working to implement a color-coding system that will be both consistent and recognizable to bring continuity between matches.

What is the yellow menu bar at the top of the Spectator Mode view?
This is a placeholder design that will be changed in the final code. It will change based upon which player you are spectating in order to help give you instant perspective on the Battlefield.

I saw some glitches in Spectator Mode — What is up with that?
Large parts of Spectator Mode and Battlefield 4 itself are still in early development. It is inevitable that pre-alpha code will have some artifacts like this. The final product will be optimized, but we wanted to give you a first look at what we have in store for you.

Live Stream  Official Site - Google Chrome_2013-06-11_15-16-39 Live Stream  Official Site - Google Chrome_2013-06-11_15-18-45bf4-spectator-modeLive Stream  Official Site - Google Chrome_2013-06-11_15-37-38
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Straight from the show floor at E3 2013, which took place last week, DICE producer Daniel Matros gives you a 14 minute run-down of this pre-alpha feature in Battlefield 4. Hooah!