Battlefield 4 storms to top of Gamestop pre-order chart


Battlefield 4 has already hit the top of the pre-order chart for the biggest game retailer in the US, Gamestop. Pre-orders have been live since last week, and the game has already attracted wide-spread interest. It comes after BF4 was first revealed in its 17 minute ‘pre-alpha’ gameplay video, as well as the first piece of DLC for the game being offered to customers who buy the upgraded edition.

At the moment, the Xbox 360 version of the game has been pre-ordered the most, followed by the PS3 and then PC versions. Next-generation versions have yet to be revealed, but it seems certain that EA will at E3 this year, once both new consoles have been announced.

Don’t forget, you can also pre-order BF4 from your local game store, or online. You can also pick up several bonuses such as the upcoming DLC, the “Drone Strike Expansion Pack“. EA offers a $70 Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the first piece of DLC, access to the upcoming beta, and other in-game items.