Battlefield 4 Suppression – Muzzle / Scope Sway


Suppression is probably the most talked about subject in terms of balancing Battlefield. Suppression is an effect on a player that DICE added to try to simulate the effects of your player “losing focus” in heavy firefight situations, which is thought by many to be perfectly reasonable within the context of the game. Some people love it, though some find it rage inducing; suppression has been a polarizing part of the Battlefield community.

DICE has made some pretty big updates in hopes of making a majority of players happy.

Arguably, the biggest issue most people had with suppression was random bullet deviation. While under the effects of suppression, random bullet deviation affects your aim down sights causing the bullet to miss your target even though you were perfectly aimed. DICE is replacing that effect with a mechanic called “muzzle sway”, or “scope sway”. In Battlefield 4, when you aim down the sights with you weapon, it’s going to be increasingly difficult, depending on your level of suppression, to aim at your target because your muzzle sway is going to be increased. If you’re a good player, you should be able to counteract the muzzle sway and have no problem getting your bullet to hit your target. Many will rejoice at this new dynamic stating that DICE is now leaving suppression up to the player’s skill and not a game mechanic that is technically out of their control.

The other big changes to suppression are reduced suppression for most weapons but an increase suppression for light machine guns. Also it is thought that close-quarter suppression is not going to be as effective anymore. If you find yourself in a firefight with someone that’s ten feet away from you, suppression will be at a minimum thus making the firefight a skill-based engagement and not “whoever shoots first, wins”.

  • Aria68

    Great news tbh

    • mus1CKFps

      Yes it is, i’d take this over random bullet deviation any day