Battlefield 4 teases female soldier [UPDATE]


Oh DICE, you tease! Shortly after the latest trailer “air” was released, still images started to appear on We first noticed these images in the cover art that started to make the rounds on the internet last week. Today’s images give us a glimpse into possible soldier that may or may not be playable in the upcoming release. Adding fuel to the rumor fire is our first image of a female, Asian, soldier named Hanna. A few days later, a musical theme was leaved bearing her name. View it here. The second image suggests a support class soldier who is carrying what appears to be a M249 SAW.

Stay with us as more images are released by EA/DICE. We anticipate a flood of information and new images during the unveil of Battlefield 4 later this month.

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battlefield-4-female battlefield-4-male battlefield-4-shanghai

bf4-tank bf4-helicopter (1)