Battlefield 4: Trailer breakdown and review

We recently stumbled across an excellent breakdown and review of EA’s recently released, 17 minute  preview of Battlefield 4′s first act. Have some time to kill? We highly recommend a visit to for a read.

Here is an excerpt.

Posted by Keith Stuart over at The Guardian

It begins with Bonnie Tyler. Total Eclipse of the Heart. I don’t think anyone was expecting that. At a rented theatre in downtown Stockholm, EA DICE is showing off the opening sequence from the Battlefield 4 single-player campaign. There are four soldiers in a car that’s sinking slowly into a lake in Azerbaijan; the leader, Dunn, is trapped under a twisted metal seat. “Shoot the windows out and go, or you’ll all die,” he shouts. And all the time, on the car radio it’s ‘Turn around, bright eyes…’. And the player character, Recker, says, ‘I don’t want to die to this song’. And the screen goes black.

Battlefield 4

Azerbaijan is one of the two confirmed locations in Battelfield 4, the latest showcase of bleeding edge FPS action from DICE. The other is China. That’s all we know about the story right now. Apart from the fact that our heroes have intercepted a piece of intel that links Russian forces with a rogue Chinese general. As my fellow writer Nick Cowen pointed out afterwards, Modern Warfare was about World War 3, this game could actually start it.

But then we’re back to the screen, and to the opening mission named, ‘Fishing in Baku’. The lights are up and we’ve gone 13 minutes back in time. The squad is on the run through an abandoned school. And, holy crap, this is Frostbite 3. Sediment hangs in the air, curtains waft into the rooms, paint peels from the wall in intricate tortoise shell patterns. Outside the window, another member of the squad, Irish, is trapped in another building. There is covering fire as he bursts out of the door, with enemies chasing. Impossibly loud assault rifle fire.

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