Battlefield 4: Boat and Naval Vehicle Unlocks

Much like Light Transport Vehicles, boat / naval vehicles are small and fast whose main purpose is to transport players from point to point quickly over water. Naval vehicles in Battlefield 4 offer some on-board weapons however do not include their own unlocks. Armed with light machine guns, they cannot be upgraded with additional weapons or equipment.

fast attack craftrcbdv-15

A Fast Attack Craft is a watercraft that is heavily armed, these boats allow you to deal with light vehicles, infantry and other boats, but also give armored vehicles, jets and helicopters a fight. Now you have the choice of maneuvering the craft, trying to find the most strategic places based on what’s happening in the round, or man the fast 30mm cannon and take out enemy infantry as they rush with the bomb on the mainland. In Conquest, you can also use these mobile gun platforms to support the capturing of bases near the water.

Item Score Desc.
thermo camoThermal Camo 4,000 Special plating that increases the time that it takes for targeting systems to lock onto the vehicle.
passive radarPassive Radar 6,500 Surface-to-air homing missile system that requires the lock to be maintained all the way to the target.
smokescreenSmokescreen 9,000 Releases a thick cloud of smoke that surrounds the vehicle, impairing target aquisition and makes it impossible for incoming missiles to achieve precise, critically damaging shots.
proximity scanProximity Scan 11,000 Scans the area surrounding the vehicle, revealing enemy movement on the minimap.
gunner irnvIRNV Optics 13,000 Enhanced infrared night vision that will make heat signatures easily distinguishable at close to medium ranges.
30mm cannon30MM Cannon 15,000 Fires 30mm anti-air shells at a moderately high rate of fire.
belt feederBelt Feeder 17,000 An enhanced mechanism that reduces the time taken to reload.
laser guidedLaser Guided 19,000 A laser-guided anti-tank missile that requires the user to maintain lock-on to the target. Can also lock on to laser-designated targets even if they are out of line-of-sight.
air radarAir Radar 20,500 Replaces the minimap with a radar display, highlighting airborne targets in a large radius around the aircraft.
zuni rocketsZuni Rockets 22,500 Unguided rockets that are effective against infantry, light vehicles, armor and structures.
fire extinguisherFire Extinguisher 24,000 An integrated fire extinguisher system that clears any critical states and starts the vehicle recovery. Can only be activated when in a critical state.
burst cannonBurst Cannon 24,500 Fires an 8 round burst of 25mm shells for devastating effect against aircraft and other light armored vehicles.
gunner thermalThermal Optics 27,000 A black and white night vision system that shows heat signatures across all ranges.
tv guided missileTV Guided Missile 28,500 A missile controlled by the user via a remote camera. Effective against armored targets.
active protectionActive Protection 30,000 When this system is activated it will sense incoming missile and rocket threats and detonate them before they reach the vehicle. The system will enter a cooldown state after a threat has been neutralized or no threats have been detected for a short time.


Vehicle unlock navigation menu:

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