Battlefield 4 vs. COD:Ghosts in the Eyes of John Riccitiello

According to John Riccitiello, former CEO of EA, 2014 will finally be the year Battlefield tops Call of Duty. In an interview with GI International, Riccitiello shares his views on the future of Activision and why the company will deteriorate. Here are the highlights of the interview.

What’s been fascinating watching Activision over the last few years is that I’ve heard that mentioned before, about them not being the company they could or should be. They’ve pulled off some notable successes,” he said. “The one thing I know most about now is Battlefield and CoD and I feel pretty confident that EA’s got better cards.”

But the last billion dollar brand created from scratch in this industry was Skylanders. Is the next billion dollar brand going to come from Activision? I don’t know. But if it does then they can sustain the loss of leadership in the field of shooters.

There’s one scenario where they ship a new MMO, it replaces WoW, Call of Duty stays at the top of the charts, Skylanders goes from strength to strength. They do a couple of things with their licenses, everything goes fine.”

Then there’s a scenario where WoW continues to decline, Battlefield takes the mantle from CoD, Skylanders proves to be a flash in the pan and Activision proves to be a shitty company at that point.”

Do you agree with the comments from Riccitiello? As of now, the pre-order sale totals are very close between COD:Ghosts and Battlefield 4. Who will win the FPS titan showdown this year?