Battlefield 4 Assault Rifle Weapon Unlocks

Assault Rifle Weapon Unlocks

An assault rifle is a rifle capable of automatic fire with an intermediate cartridge from a detachable box magazine. Its cartridge falls in between the low power ammunition used in Pistols, Sub-machine Guns, and high power rifle ammunition used in Battle Rifles and many Sniper Rifles, allowing for a more controllable recoil while still maintaining an effective range of several hundred meters.

Assault rifles are meant to be lightweight and though they are selective-fire weapons with large magazines, they do not have the thermal mass, cooling ability, or ammunition capacity to sustain a high volume of fire like a machine gun.

assault rifles

Weapon Stats Name Unlock
ak-12 ak-12 stats AK-12 Default
scar-h scar-h-stats SCAR-H 4,000 Assault Score
 m416 m416 stats M416 11,000 Assault Score
 sar-21 sar-21 stats SAR-21 19,000 Assault Score
 aek-971 aek-971 stats AEK-971 28,000 Assault Score
famas famas stats FAMAS 37,000 Assault Score
 aug a3 aug a3 stats AUG A3 48,000 Assault Score
 m16a4 m16a4 stats M16A4 59,000 Assault Score
 cz-805 cz-805 stats CZ-805 71,000 Assault Score
 ace 23 ace 23 stats ACE 23 Assault Expert Assignment
 qbz-95-1 qbz-95-1 stast QBZ-95-1 Complete “To Valhalla” Assignment (Campaign)
 l85a2 l85a2 stats L85A2 Complete “Open Fire” Assignment- Assault ribbon x3
- Get a kill with a pistol in a round
- Get a kill with 40mm grenade in a round
- Get a kill with the defibrillator in a round
 f2000  f2000 stats F2000 Complete “Express Train” Assignment
- Assault Ribbon x1
- Kill Assist Ribbon x2
- Get 10 kills inside the Metro