Battlefield 4 Hand Grenades Unlocks

Hand Grenades Unlocks

The Hand grenade is a small, light-weight, timed explosive device. Grenades can inflict severe damage against infantry and other soft targets, but do not inflict much damage on armored vehicles such as Tanks. Most hand grenades used are fragmentation grenades, often abbreviated to “frags”, which litter an area with shrapnel, inflicting severe damage on infantry and lightly armored targets. Another type of hand grenades is the Concussion grenade, which is – filled with High Explosives – more effective on armored targets but slightly less effective against infantry when compared to a fragmentation grenade, and are as such usually used by soldiers as a weapon against vehicles. Hand grenades have been featured in every Battlefield game to date.

hand grenades

Weapon Description Name Unlock
m67 frag Standard timed fuze hand grenade with all around performance and balanced range and damage M67 FRAG Default
v40 mini Mini hand grenade that can be thrown further than the standard M67 but with reduced blast yield. 3 of these grenades can be carried.. V40 MINI 500 Grenade Score
rgo impact Russian RGO Impact grenade which explodes shortly after impacting a surface. A smaller grenade with a lower blast yield, two of these grenades can be carried at one time. RGO IMPACT 1,000 Grenade Score
m34 incendiary Incendiary hand grenade which creates a cloud of intense burning particles for a short duration. Particles stick to soldiers and will continue to burn outside the original fire. M34 INCENDIARY 1,500 Grenade Score
m18 smoke Timed fuze hand thrown grenade that creates a blinding cloud of Smoke which also blocks spotting M18 SMOKE 2,000 Grenade Score
m84 flashbang Hand grenade with a suppressive Flash Bang effect to temporarily blind enemies in close quarters. M84 FLASHBANG 2,500 Grenade Score
hand flare Emergency Red Flare which burns to light up dark space and provides a small blinding effect. HAND FLARE 3,000 Grenade Score