Battlefield 4 Hand Gun Unlocks

Hand Gun Unlocks

A handgun is a firearm designed to be handheld, in either one or both hands. This characteristic differentiates handguns as a general class of firearms from long guns such as rifles and shotguns (which usually can be mounted against the shoulder).

Major handgun subtypes are the revolver and pistol; other subtypes include derringers, single-shot pistols, semi-automatic pistols, pepperboxes, and machine pistols.

Although handgun use often includes bracing with a second hand, the essential distinguishing characteristic of a handgun is its facility for one-handed operation.

hand guns

Weapon Stats Name Unlock
p226 p226 stats P226 Default
 m9 m9 stats M9 4,000 Pistol Score
 qsz-92 qsz-92 stats QSZ-92 8,000 Pistol Score
 mp443 mp443 stats MP443 13,000 Pistol Score
shorty 12g shorty 12g stats SHORTY 12G 18,000 Pistol Score
 g18 g18 stats G18 23,000 Pistol Score
 fn57 fn57 stats FN57 28,000 Pistol Score
 m1911 m1911 stats M1911 34,000 Pistol Score
93r 93r stats 93R 39,000 Pistol Score
 cz-75 cz-75 stats CZ-75 45,000 Pistol Score
 44 magnum 44 magnum stats .44 MAGNUM 51,000 Pistol Score
 compact 45 compact 45 stats COMPACT 45 57,000 Pistol Score
m412 rex m412 rex stats M412 REX Complete “Tombstone Actual” Assignment (Campaign)