Battlefield 4 Light Machine Gun Unlocks

Light Machine Gun Unlocks

light machine gun (LMG) is a machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon. They are the most common machine gun in the Battlefield Series.

LMGs suffer from lower than average accuracy compared to carbines and Assault Rifles (though unique to the weapon class). Also, recoil is generally higher compared to their assault rifle derivatives, with extreme rates of fire also lower. Beltfed machine guns suffer from the longest reload times of any weapon, as well as the highest hipfire spread, making them highly disadvantaged in close quarters scenarios.

LMGs gain increased accuracy when the player crouches or prones. A well-placed machine gun can effectively control squads of enemy, making them invaluable in the defensive role.

light machine gun

Weapon Stats Name Unlock
 u-100 mk5 u-100 mk5 stats U-100 MK5 Default
type 88 lmg type 88 lmg stats TYPE 88 LMG 4,000 LMG Score
 lsat lsat stats LSAT 11,000 LMG Score
 pkp pecheneg pkp pecheneg stats PKP PECHENEG 19,000 LMG Score
 qbb-95-1 qbb-95-1 stats QBB-95-1 28,000 LMG Score
m240b m240b stats M240B 37,000 LMG Score
 mg4 mg4 stats MG4 48,000 LMG Score
 m249 m249 stats M249 Complete “Final Day” Assignment (Campaign)
rpk-12 rpk-12 stats RPK-12 Complete “Support Expert” Assignment
rpk-74m rpk-74m stats RPK-74M Complete “Powder Keg” Assignment- LMG ribbon 3x
- Get a kill with the M224 Mortar
m60-e4  m60-e4 stats M60-E4 Complete “Dust Devil” Assignment
- Anti Vehicle Ribbon x1
- Destroy 5 vehicles in Gulf of Oman