Battlefield 4 Personal Defense Weapon Unlocks

Personal Defense Weapon Unlocks

Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is a compact semi-automatic or fully automatic firearm that is, in most respects, a sub-classification of Sub-machine Guns (SMGs). They typically have the lowest hip-fire spread and reload faster than other weapons and also offer users many slots for customization to better fit both circumstances and preference.

They fire similar, (often proprietary) to rifle rounds, giving them better ranges, accuracy and armor-penetrating capabilities. The class of weapon as it exists today evolved as a hybrid between a SMG and a Carbine, retaining the compact size and ammunition capacity of the former while adding the ammunition power, accuracy and penetration of the latter.

personal defense weapons

Weapon Stats Name Unlock
mx4 mx4 stats MX4 Default
 pp-2000 pp-2000 stats PP-2000 4,000 PDW Score
 ump-45 ump-45 stats UMP-45 11,000 PDW Score
 cbj-ms cbj-ms stats CBJ-MS 19,000 PDW Score
pdw-r pdw-r stats PDW-R 28,000 PDW Score
 cz-3a1 cz-3a1 stats CZ-3A1 37,000 PDW Score
 js2 js2 stats JS2 48,000 PDW Score
 p90 p90 stats P90 Complete “Peace Maker” Assignment (Campaign)
ump-9 ump-9 stats UMP-9 Complete “Engineer Expert” Assignment
mp7 mp7 stats MP7 Complete “Make A Dent” Assignment- Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA
- Anti Vehicle Ribbon x3
 as val  as val stats AS VAL Complete “Co-Pilot” Assignment
- Spend 10 minutes in helicopters
- Do 10 Squad Repairs