Battlefield 4 Shotgun Weapon Unlocks

Shotgun Weapon Unlocks

Shotgun is a weapon designed chiefly to fire rounds loaded with multiple small metal projectiles at once. Other types of ammunition have been adapted and manufactured for them, including solid slugs, sub-caliber saboted projectiles, flechettes, and a slew of ‘less-lethal’ rounds loaded with rubber projectiles or chemical projectiles.


Weapon Stats Name Unlock
 qbs-09 qbs-09 stats QBS-09 16,000 Support Score (Unlocks Shotguns)
870 mcs 870 mcs stats 870 MCS 4,000 Shotgun Score
 m1014 m1014 stats M1014 11,000 Shotgun Score
 hawk 12g hawk 12g stats HAWK 12G 19,000 Shotgun Score
 saiga 12k saiga 12k stats SAIGA 12K 28,000 Shotgun Score
spas-12 spas-12 stats SPAS-12 37,000 Shotgun Score
 uts 15 uts 15 stats UTS 15 48,000 Shotgun Score
 dbv-12 dbv-12 stats DBV-12 59,000 Shotgun Score
 dao-12  dao-12 stats DAO-12 Complete Dead Stop assignment
- Shotgun Ribbon x1
- Raise or lower the Caspian Border Gate/td>