Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle Unlocks

Sniper Rifle Unlocks

A Sniper Rifle is a firearm designed to engage human targets with high precision individual shots at long range. When compared to assault rifles, they fire higher-powered ammunition, have greater range and accuracy, and tend to mount scopes with higher magnification, although their magazine capacities and rates of fire tend to be lower.

In the Battlefield Series, the term “sniper rifle” also encompasses designated marksman weapons, a class of rifles intended to lay down rapid, accurate fire at longer ranges than those at which the average infantryman armed with the average service rifle or carbine can be effective, but not intended to hit targets at the extreme ranges of which true sniper rifles are capable.

sniper rifles

Weapon Stats Name Unlock
cs-lr4 cs-lr4 stats CS-LR4 Default
 m40a5 m40a5 stats M40A5 3,000 Recon Score
 scout elite scout elite stats SCOUT ELITE 8,000 Recon Score
 sv-98 sv-98 stats SV-98 13,000 Recon Score
 jng-90 jng-90 stats JNG-90 20,000 Recon Score
338-recon 338-recon stats 338-RECON 27,000 Recon Score
 m98b m98b stats M98B 34,000 Recon Score
 srr-61 srr-61 stats SRR-61 42,000 Recon Score
 fy-js fy-js stats FY-JS Complete “Recon Expert” Assignment
 l96a1 l96a1 stats L96A1 Complete “Need Only One” Assignment- Sniper Ribbon x3
- Get a kill with a shotgun in a round
- Get a kill with a DMR in a round
- Get a kill with C4 in a round
 gol-magnum  gol-magnum stats GOL Magnum Complete “Eagle’s Nest” Assignment
- Sniper Ribbon x1
- In a round, kill 5 players from the Caspian or Firestorm towers


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