Battlefield Knife Unlocks

Knives Unlocks

A Knife, or known primarily as a Combat Knife or Fighting Knife is a cutting weapon designed for military use, specifically for close combat; however, since the end of trench warfare, most military knives have been primarily designed for utility/tool use (clearing foliage, chopping branches for cover, opening ammunition crates, etc.).


Weapon Description Name Unlock
bayonet Standard issue USMC M9 bayonet for melee combat. Use it in melee combat to steal enemy dogtags. BAYONET Default
trench Modern Trench Knife equipped with a knuckle duster style hand guard for stealing enemy dogtags. TRENCH Battlepacks
bowie A well-known fighting knife with a long blade sharpened on both sides near the tip. Use it to steal an opponent’s dog tags, and clean the carcass afterwards. BOWIE Battlepacks
shank Improvised prison melee weapon to take down enemies in close quarters and steal their dogtags SHANK Complete “Fang of the Underworld” Assignment (Campaign)
carbon fiber Lightweight and quiet, use this sleek knife in melee combat to steal dog tags from your opponent. CARBON FIBER Battlepacks
survival Handy blade to have out in the battlefield. Use it in melee combat to steal the dogtags of your enemy. SURVIVAL Battlepacks
machete Dima’s Spetsnaz Machete, take down an enemy with this melee weapon to steal their dog tags as a trophy. MACHETE Complete “A Trapped Wolf Will” Assignment (Campaign)
scout Traditional Swedish Scout knife in laminated steel. Can be used in the field to steal an enemy’s dogtags. SCOUT Battlepacks
acb-90 Battlefield Veteran knife with added gut-hook to take out an enemy in melee and steal their dog tags. ACB-90 Battlepacks