Battlefield 4 Wins Six Awards at Gamescom 2013

Battlefield 4 delivered at Gamescom 2013 with very interesting details about Levolution, new game modes, and new maps. The community response earned DICE/EA six awards for Battlefield 4 already and many other nominations.

The awards include:

* Most Wanted PC | Computec Games
* Editor’s Choice PS3/PS4 award | Play3
* Editor’s Choice X360/Xbox One award | XBG Games
* Editor’s PC award | PC Games
* Best Graphics Gamescom 2013 | World Game Navigator
* Best FPS Gamescom 2013 | World Game Navigator

The additional 16 nominations for Battlefield 4 include Game of Show and Best Action Game.

Evidently, Battlefield 4 hit a home run at this year’s Gamescom. With E3 and now Gamescom, EA/DICE only continue to impress their growing fan base and the fans have responded.

Congratulations DICE