Battlefield 4 specs and their release on new consoles

tumblr_mcsyk6ioWO1rk5dgco1_1280This Fall, Battlefield 4 is going to be released on the PC, Playstation 3, and XBOX 360. Next generation consoles are rumored, but not officially announced. As usual, the console versions are the dumbed down versions of the PC, due to lack in hardware power, and changes are most definitely to take place. Though what changes are being made to the console versions?

What’s changed would include player count and fps. Like Battlefield 3, the player count has been locked at 24. This would mean that the 64 player count PC players have been enjoying will once again not be evident on the consoles. The big empty maps from Battlefield 3 will most likely carry on to Battlefield 4.

Second, 30 FPS lock. Battlefield 4 on the consoles will have to be locked at 30 fps, to ensure everything else will run smoothly. This shouldn’t be much of a problem though, as the trailer you saw for Battlefield 4 was at 30 fps, as YouTube’s video player only supports up to 30 fps, and looked smooth anyways. Though despite this, competitive gamers may be at a disadvantage with FPS lock, for some really need the extra frames.

Besides the main changes, there are also many other smaller changes which will always happen such as texture quality, render distance, or Conquest flag count, but those come side in side with console releases, so expect less flags for Conquest than the PC versions, as well as grass disappearing from 10 meters away.

Dice decided to make the frame rate and player lock because it would mean that they would have to cut out core game features such as destruction or vehicles. In a statement regarding the issue, Patrick Bach an executive producer at Dice stated that “It’s a balance. I would never sacrifice the core Battlefield experience to get higher frame-rate”. He then said “well see what happens”, possibly hinting that higher player count and fps which may be featured in the next gen console versions. Though the Next Gen Console versions are yet to be confirmed, it is being strongly suggested, as Gamestop leaked in a email that Battlefield 4 is coming to PC, current gen, and next-gen platforms. For now, this is what we know about specs and release platforms.

  • Carlo Swarz

    I tell you my position: I will buy BF4 only when PS4 is available. got almost 1000 hours of play on BF3 and still love to play with it but… I do see the technical limits that the hardware is posing.

    So can’t imagine how how greater BF4 can be on a PS3, will keep enjoying the many maps that BF3 premium gave me.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I’m pretty sure next gen consoles can handle 720p60fps with 64 players.