Battlelog features revealed in latest Battlefield 4 Blog [Update: Video added]

In today’s edition of the Battlefield4 Blog, Battlelog Assistant producer Jesper Nielson goes into detail on the revamped Battlelog being done for BF4. Several new important things have been added to the web-based game system. The first major one is In-Game integration, which is certainly something that I am excited about.

“This in-game overlay will give you access to tons of Battlelog features. You can see what your friends are doing, check their stats and join their game. You can also see who is in your squad when playing multiplayer and look up their profile. Maybe you want to check your standings on the Geo Leaderboards, or create a Mission. It’s all available at any time during the game. You can even see how you’re progressing towards your next rank or unlocks in real-time!”

Another aspect that Nielson wanted to iterate was that Battlelog will be much more useful for console players than it is in BF3. The in-game overlay will be available on next-gen consoles, and the integration between mobile, the PC and consoles is much improved.

With Battlelog for BF4 the design across the in-game, web, tablet, and mobile experiences are much more uniform. Going between the game and Battlelog on the various platforms will feel much smoother and connected. We’re also working hard to ensure the Battlelog experience for BF4 on console is on par with the deep interaction PC players have enjoyed since BF3.”

Also looked at in the blog:

* Geo-Leaderboards, and the large amount of customization you have with it.
* Missions, which you can create to compete with your friends
* A new “Division” system, which ranks you in divisions from 1-10 in multiple geological levels
* Many more stats options to be included.

Check out the blog here.

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