Presets coming to your Battlelog loadout screen – Dev Sneak Peek

battlelog-250wideA Battlelog developer on Reddit, who goes by the name “DarkLord7854″, is giving players a sneak peek at the upcoming Loadout Presets that will be available in an upcoming Battlelog update, and is asking for user feedback. This feature will only be available from Battlelog and is subject to change and with no ETA as it’s not released yet.

Embedded at the bottom of this article is the devs imgur album showing some of the in-development trial-and-error steps when deciding on how to bring everything together. Be sure to check out the entire album and head on over to DarkLord7854′s Reddit post to voice your opinion.

This is your chance to help with the design of BF4, make your voice heard by providing detailed, constructive feedback.

“You can access the preset manager with 1 click from the top ‘PRESETS’ button next to ‘RESET’ and ‘SAVE’. All kits and vehicles have a ‘PRESETS’ dropdown which will let you create a new preset from the currently configured loadout for that kit/vehicle, or quick apply an existing preset.”

“From here the ‘PRESETS’ button turns into a dropdown that let’s you access the preset management page, create a new preset, or quick apply a preset for the kit/weapon/vehicle you’re viewing. For kits, the primary and secondary weapons also have a ‘PRESETS’ dropdown which will let you create/apply presets for the weapon.”

“This here is a totally spankin’ new page. It allows you to click through ALL your presets and see what each one contains. From here you can apply any selected preset and also delete a preset. It will also tell you how many presets slots you have left. You can sit on this screen and apply as many presets as you want.”

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