BF4 Release – Eat, Sleep, Have Fun!

Well, the time has come. Battlefield 4 releases tonight, our light and reason has arrived (at least for this blog). Although it’s just a video game for some, it is many things for many people. A stress reliever. A place of competition. An example of fine craftsmanship in the art of game design.

Whatever it is for you, I hope you will take a few things into account when you load it up for the first time. These are suggestions only from someone who loves the franchise, and gaming in general, so you are of course not required to entertain any of these tidbits, but I hope you do.

First, make sure you prioritize your time with it. Don’t neglect other responsibilities you have in life, with the exception being if your responsibilities require playing (if it does, do you have any openings?). School, jobs, family, friends. Stay on top of them. Oh, and sleep. And eating. Don’t forget those either. I would suggest it’s better to stay well rested and play less, so that you do better when you do play. Again, just a suggestion.

Second, play the singleplayer! Some may not care about it, but we should respect the time put into crafting and making the story. I also use it as a way to get a hold for how to play the game. It gives me a little experience before I jump into the multiplayer. Also, as I recently found out, finishing the singleplayer will get you weapons and dogtags!


Finally, last but not least, have fun! That’s what it’s for. Be a good sport, play as a team, make friends. Don’t get worked up about things, after all it’s just a video game.

See you on the battlefield!


  • Arkalis

    Hehe, nice reminder and as almost everyone around here I’m incredibly excited to see and interact with the latest of DICE’s creations. Not derailing Battlefield 4 here, but I believe this is the first step towards a new golden age in the studio’s history, marching further into Mirror’s Edge 2 and of course Star Wars: Battlefront and beyond.

  • Nox

    As much as i am really excited for this game, just like you said, there are resposibilties i need to take of(school especially) that gives me almost no time to play video games in general. That, and i want this to be my first game i buy when i step into PC gaming. Hopefully i raise enough money to buy all of my parts by Christmas.
    Thank you for putting that post up Thomas. Eventually, i will see you on the Battlefield.