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Battlefield 4 CTE vs. Battlefield: Hardline

More than likely, most readers here have already heard the rumors (it really was the worst kept secret) and seen the leaked videos of the upcoming title, Battlefield: Hardline. Because of the leak last week, EA and Visceral were forced to confirm the new Battlefield IP. More is to be revealed at E3 next week, and prominent YouTube personalities have been flown to Visceral studios and allowed to record gameplay. Uploads of this gameplay are allowed to begin June 9.

So, what is Battlefield: Hardline? Put basically, it is a game about cops and robbers. It is not entirely clear how it fits in the Battlefield franchise, but one can assume it is going to have the same core gameplay mechanics, destruction, Levolution, and combination of vehicle and infantry combat found in other BF titles...

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Naval Strike Maps Overhead Images Leaked – Analysis

Overhead images of the four new maps that will come with the Naval Strike DLC leaked recently and were first posted on the BattleRushGaming site. Be sure to visit BattleRush’s site for high-res versions of these images. These images depict vast expanses of water surrounding various sizes of island and other landmasses. Later, an Imgur link was shared within the community showing cropped versions of these map images believed to represent the playable area for infantry. Combining these images with Battlefield’s recent Q & A blog post on Naval Strike and the preview images we recently shared provides a lot of ammo for some exciting speculation. Before going further, I also want to credit a video by Kulprit008 on YouTube on the same subject, which provided ideas that added to and improved the...

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Battlefield 4 Load Times: Solid State Drive (SSD) vs. Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Is Battlefield 4 taking over 1 minute to load between maps? 1 minute 30 seconds? Installing a solid state drive (SSD) in your machine is simply the best upgrade at your disposal and can radically ramp up its speed and reliability. Solid-state drives not only significantly reduce boot times and make your system feel much quicker, they also make application launching and file copying lightning fast. A $80 upgrade to a 120GB SSD will, on average, bring your Battlefield 4 load time down to ~30 seconds plus lower your PC’s boot to desktop time substantially.

What are HDDs and SDDs?

Standard Hard Disk Drives (HDD) contain multiple disks called platters, which are covered in a magnetic coating and then rotated at high speed...

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EA/YouTube Battlefield 4 Launch Controversy

If you are a fan of the Battlefield series (and you likely are if you are reading this blog), you are probably aware that Battlefield 4 is thoroughly embroiled in some controversy right now.

The controversies have arisen for a number of reasons, all of which seem to be compounding upon one another. I am going to do my best to share my perspective on it all.

First, there is the launch debacle. I wrote some time ago about BF4 having a rocky launch. In retrospect, that was a bit of an understatement, as the impact of the launch difficulties was deeper and their persistence longer than I initially realized...

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Christmas Lights Set to the Battlefield 4 Theme [Video]

The holiday season is here.  Hopefully, the traditional giving of gifts will bring more players to the Battlefield.  The holidays also bring about fun and interesting displays. Recently, CoasterBP on YouTube posted a video of a Christmas light display synchronized to the Battlefield 4 theme. His video description:

Well, you KNEW I had to do it again…..

So, turn down the lights, fullscreen it, put on your headphones, turn up the volume and get blown away!

Enjoy, and Happy Holidays everyone!

So, we share this as an early Happy Holidays from!

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China Rising map previews [Video]

Gamespot has posted some video previews from a DICE Xbox One press event of the four China Rising maps for the upcoming DLC.  Unfortunately, by posting these videos, Gamespot was breaking their NDA, as these were not supposed to be released until December 3 (November 26 was the original date, but that was pushed back by EA/DICE).  Because of this, the videos have been set to private.  However, a reddit user downloaded the videos and has reposted them because they are not personally under an NDA.  Note that these may not remain up for long if EA/DICE asks YouTube to remove them.  Keep an eye on this reddit thread for possible repostings if they are taken down before you get a chance to see them, as well as for suggestions on how one might download the videos from YouTube to watch at yo...

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NEW Weapons and Gadgets – Battlefield 4 China Rising

A look at the sexy new gadgets and weapons from the China Rising DLC for Battlefield 4. Shown are the SUAV, the UCAV, L85, MTAR, MP7, L96 and RPK.

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EA Voted Worst Company in America, Again

Though this “award” was handed out to EA earlier this year, it appears that EA is still not learning from it’s mistakes given the fiasco that is the Battlefield 4 launch. Rocky, failed, unacceptable, whatever you want to call it, EA has again managed to anger its community and we are all reminded, again, why EA deserves this crowning achievement.

For two years in row, Consumerist voters have awarded video game publisher Electronic Arts the title of Worst Company In America. New CEO Andrew Wilson is now claiming that the company is listening to angry customers.

I think it was a wake-up call,” admitted Wilson, “Whether you respect the source or not.” Continuing, he said, “It was something we spent a lot of time and energy over and continue to spend a lot and energy over, and for u...

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A Rocky Battlefield 4 Launch

By now, anyone playing or even loosely following Battlefield 4 knows that its launch has been anything short of smooth.  A broad spectrum of issues have plagued those who have tried playing the past week and a half.  Servers have been crashing, causing points, ranks, ribbons, and other progress to be lost. The Lancang Dam map has an issue where sound completely cuts out for some players. Using a suppressed QBU88 cuts out game sounds for the entire server.  Some of us are even so lucky as to experience an issue where the game freezes while and endless loop of the last game sound plays. Over at Battlefield On My Mind, I discuss the steps I have taken to mitigate this issue (tl;dr: changing to borderless rather than fullscreen video mode seems to have helped the most)...

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