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Leaked Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Map Layouts

Images from the map titled “Propaganda” have not yet leaked. We’ll be sure to update this post as soon as it does. Be sure to check out our recent post, “Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Details. New maps, game mode, dog tags, more” for more info on the upcoming DLC.

Sunken Dragon Pearl Market
Lumphini Garden

Th3 Chinese Guy on YouTube doe...

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Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Details. New maps, game mode, dog tags, more [UPDATE: Guided tour video of all maps]

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth drops you into urban combat across Asian cities in four all-new multiplayer maps. Wreak havoc in a floating restaurant or drain the lake opening up for a frontal vehicle assault, all while the battle rages between the modern high rises of Sunken Dragon. Fight among the huge monuments of despots in the grey concrete Propaganda. Wage wars within the bustling alleyways and upon the rooftops of Pearl Market. Cruise with fast-moving PWC’s on the canals in the pristine park to get the upper hand in the blazing infantry battle of Lumphini Garden. Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth also includes five new weapons, the Ballistic shield, the controllable unmanned ground vehicle R.A.W.R...

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New Screen of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC’s “Sunken Dragon” Map

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Battlefield 4 CTE vs. Battlefield: Hardline

More than likely, most readers here have already heard the rumors (it really was the worst kept secret) and seen the leaked videos of the upcoming title, Battlefield: Hardline. Because of the leak last week, EA and Visceral were forced to confirm the new Battlefield IP. More is to be revealed at E3 next week, and prominent YouTube personalities have been flown to Visceral studios and allowed to record gameplay. Uploads of this gameplay are allowed to begin June 9.

So, what is Battlefield: Hardline? Put basically, it is a game about cops and robbers. It is not entirely clear how it fits in the Battlefield franchise, but one can assume it is going to have the same core gameplay mechanics, destruction, Levolution, and combination of vehicle and infantry combat found in other BF titles...

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Leaked Dragon’s Teeth Dogtags (normal and premium)

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Leaked Dragon’s Teeth Assignment Requirements

The assignment’s list shown below are from the game code and represents raw data.

XP3 AS01 Unica6
-Do something at a specific point on Map X (not in a round)
-Get 5 kills while swimming (not in a round)

-Kill 10 as Assault Support (not in a round)
-Kill 10 Engineers as Assault (not in a round)
-Kill 10 recons as Assault (not in a round)

-Obtain 2 PDW Ribbons (not in a round)
shape a New Link in Chain Link 10 times (not in a round)
– Follow 10 squad orders (not in a round)

XP3 AS04 CS5
-Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons (not in a round)
-10 Beacon Squad spawns on your beacon (not in a round)
-20 Spot Assists (not in a round)

XP3 AS05 Shield
-Obtain Savior Kills 5 (not in a round)
-Obtain 20 suppression Assists (not in a round)
-Destroy 3 Explosives (not in a round)


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Battlefield 4 New Guns & Gadgets In Dragon’s Teeth DLC

While digging through some of the game files, a symthic user by the name of elementofprgress has posted a list of new guns and gadgets that will be available in the new Dragon’s Teeth DLC for Battlefield 4.

Full list after the break

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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Map Exclusive First Look [Video]

Shown below are four video sneak peaks from the brand-new Naval Strike DLC recently published on YouTube by LevelCapGaming. In typical LevelCap style, each video below provides excellent map analysis as well as Levolution triggers.

Be sure to subscribe to LevelCap’s YouTube channel for frequent updates.

Battlefield 4 Lost Island

Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar, and Wave Breaker videos after the break…


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Naval Strike Maps Overhead Images Leaked – Analysis

Overhead images of the four new maps that will come with the Naval Strike DLC leaked recently and were first posted on the BattleRushGaming site. Be sure to visit BattleRush’s site for high-res versions of these images. These images depict vast expanses of water surrounding various sizes of island and other landmasses. Later, an Imgur link was shared within the community showing cropped versions of these map images believed to represent the playable area for infantry. Combining these images with Battlefield’s recent Q & A blog post on Naval Strike and the preview images we recently shared provides a lot of ammo for some exciting speculation. Before going further, I also want to credit a video by Kulprit008 on YouTube on the same subject, which provided ideas that added to and improved the...

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