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Battlefield 4 CTE vs. Battlefield: Hardline

More than likely, most readers here have already heard the rumors (it really was the worst kept secret) and seen the leaked videos of the upcoming title, Battlefield: Hardline. Because of the leak last week, EA and Visceral were forced to confirm the new Battlefield IP. More is to be revealed at E3 next week, and prominent YouTube personalities have been flown to Visceral studios and allowed to record gameplay. Uploads of this gameplay are allowed to begin June 9.

So, what is Battlefield: Hardline? Put basically, it is a game about cops and robbers. It is not entirely clear how it fits in the Battlefield franchise, but one can assume it is going to have the same core gameplay mechanics, destruction, Levolution, and combination of vehicle and infantry combat found in other BF titles...

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Possible release date of Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC revealed

There has been quite a lot of chatter across the Internet about why Second Assault, a DLC for Battlefield 4 featuring four redesigned fan favorite BF3 maps, was a timed exclusive only on the Xbox One. At this year’s E3 conference held in Los Angeles, DICE was invited to participate in Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation in which they showed off footage of Battlefield 4. At the end of the multiplayer trailer unveil, they announced the new DLC,  Second Assault, and that it would be released early for Xbox One owners. Until then, the rest of us have been waiting for some sort of hint or rumor as to when the DLC would be made available to non Xbox One owners.

It seems that the Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC release date is set for February 18th, according to an Origin screen capture...

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Rumor: New Battlefield 4 Game Modes Leaked. Gun Master, Tank Superiority, and more

With the release of DLCs for Battlefield 3, and so far with Battlefield 4, DICE has introduced new game modes for players to enjoy. Battlefield 4 saw the release of Capture The Flag and Air Superiority with the release of Second Assault and Rising China, respectively.

DICE still has three more DLCs in the works for Battlefield 4 (Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand) which leaves the potential for at least three new game modes or at least three returning game modes for Battlefield 4. It is rumored that DICE intends to bring back some of the classic modes from Battlefield 3, Bad Company 2, and MOH Warfighter along with some new additions.

Researching game source code, a user by the name of Th3- Chronikk at se7ensin of discovered a list of potential game modes that may come to Bat...

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Rumor: EA to give free Battlefield 4 DLC for game woes

Battlefield 4 has seen an avalanche of issues, some would say failures, since its rocky launch. Plagued with CE-34878-0 errors on the Playstation 4, numerous patches across all platforms, and a class action lawsuit, EA and DICE are in a struggle to make things right.

Their first attempt was a double XP event from November 28th to December 5 dubbed a “player appreciation” event in which DICE hoped that it would  “get back the XP that you may have lost” due to the current issues with Battlefield 4. This news appeared to have backfired on EA/DICE since those that were already Premium members and were promised an exclusive Premium Double XP event that was slated to start on November 30...

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Battlefield 4 – Classic Server Setting

A recent chat log at MordorHQ with DICE team member Darklord revealed some useful information about how servers will work in Battlefield 4.  This also appears to be a response to the outcry and feedback from Battlefield fans, much like the recent Beta Feedback blog post. While it will not be a preset setting for which we can filter, servers will be able to run in a more “classic” setting.  There will be three server types: Official (default BF4 setting, much like we saw in Beta), Ranked (settings tweaked within certain boundaries), and Unranked (password-protected private servers, and servers running admin scripts and/or with settings changed outside set limits)...

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Battlefield 4 XBOX Achievements Surface

Compiled by Xbox 360 Achievements, the list for Xbox 360 Achievements for Battlefield 4 are shown below (spoilers). This list is subject to change when the retail version is released on Oct 29th. No word on the Playstation Trophies as of yet.

Storm Bringer
Obtain 20,000 points in the Singapore campaign mission.

A One Man Riot
Obtain 11,000 points in the Shanghai campaign mission.

Terror of the Deep
Obtain 11,000 points in the South China Sea campaign mission.

Obtain 12,000 points in the Kunlun Mountains campaign mission.

Above and Beyond the Call
Complete all Assignments in the campaign.

Demolition Man
Obtain 15,000 points in the Tashgar campaign mission.

Guardian of the Fleet
Obtain 6,000 points in the Suez campaign mission.

Full Arsenal
Unlock all assignments and collectibles ...

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Xbox One Kinect-based look controls for Battlefield 4 possible

DICE’s Patrick Bach has revealed to Xbox Wire that Battlefield 4 may use the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor for head-tracking look controls, such as leaning around a corner. In addition, voice commands might also become available, Bach says. Though there’s no guarantees that Battlefield 4 will get the new input methods at this point, it is clear that DICE may have competition as an incentive to add these features types to BF4. Infinity Ward recently hinted to Official Xbox Magazine that Call of Duty: Ghosts could use Kinect for more than navigating menus.

Xbox Wire: How will a new generation of hardware impact/change/revolutionize the future of your title/gaming?

Bach: I think time will tell as we’re just getting our hands and creative thinking around what these new platforms can d...

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Battlefield 4 – Hints of Unseen Map, Submarine, and Commander Mode Assets

In the latest “Road to Battlefield 4” blog post, the Battlefield devs discuss how Commander Mode was created for Battlefield 2 and how the idea evolved to what it has become in Battlefield 4.  Within the blog post is an animated gif of some Commander Mode concept mock-ups for Battlefield 4.  The primary images of this gif are the familiar top-down view of Siege of Shanghai.

However, if one is to break the gif down to its individual frames for more careful viewing, we can see what appears to be a new map.  On the right side of this new map appears to be a dam.  They have already discussed a levee that can be breached to flood an urban map, so whether or not this dam will do the same we will have to wait to see...

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Battlefield 4 New Map and Mode Teased For Gamescom 2013

DICE/EA confirmed today that they will reveal a new map and a new game mode at Gamescom 2013.  Will they possibly reveal the indoor arctic map glimpsed in the Battlelog trailer?  The map they reveal will likely go hand-in-hand with the game mode to be revealed.  If the arctic map in in fact all indoors, it would imply a game mode not involving vehicles.   There was also an alleged leak this past week of a map named “Naval”, of which we supposedly got a glimpse in the Frostbite 3 trailer.  However, DICE chimed in on that reddit thread to imply that was not in fact a Battlefield 4 map, but a tech demo.  If this were in fact a map, it would imply a game mode involving ships.  Many have suggested such a new mode would be a revamped Titan mode...

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