Confirmed Battlefield 4 Gadgets: Portable Laser Designator and Man-Portable Active Protection System

DICE has confirmed two Battlefield 4 gadgets via an official tweet from @Battlefield today: The Portable Laser Designator and Man-Portable Active Protection System.

laser designator is a laser light source which is used to designate a target. Laser designators provide targeting for laser-guided bombs, missiles, or precision artillery munitions. When a target is marked by a designator, the beam is invisible and does not shine continuously. Instead, a series of coded pulses of laser-light are fired. These signals bounce off the target into the sky, where they are detected by the seeker on the laser guided munition, which steers itself towards the center of the reflected signal.

A Man-Portable Active Protection System, also known as a “shock absorber”, offers an effective, portable Electro-Optical (E/O) situational awareness and soft-kill protection system, supporting dismounted troop deployments and stationary targets. The Shock Absorber was developed to protect dismounted infantry detachments and stationary posts, operating in hostile areas, where they are exposed to guided missile threats.


The portable kit utilizes a laser based effector employing electro-optical infra-red directional jammer and electro-optical threat detection elements developed for the larger vehicle based active protection systems. The system could also employ other countermeasures as required by operational tactics, techniques and procedures. Weighing 20 kg, it can be carried by infantry soldiers, providing the dismounts an effective protection against enemy guided missiles. The design of the MPAPS includes electro-optical threat detectors with a laser-based infra-red directional jammer that can be integrated on vehicles and naval vessels, in addition to being carried by dismounted troops.

  • Heplinger

    Nice post; I really appreciate the info on what a MPAPS is. I had never heard of that. I am curious to see how it will function in-game. Things like the laser designator and remote-controlled mortar (maybe they’ll work together?) make me eager for the teamwork possibilities in this new installment.