Detailed look at the Battlefield 4 customization screen

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.06.33 PM

On June 9th, we reported on a handful of leaked screenshots that hit the Internet supposedly from an alpha test of Battlefield 4′s Xbox 360 version. A dditional Pr e-Alpha images are starting to emerge (from E3?) that EA/DICE have not officially commented on nor confirmed it’s authenticity.

The leaked image, credit to Hazey652 on YouTube, shows several weapon customizations that may be coming to Battlefield 4.  Camo paints include ATOMIC AUTUMN, DIGITAL DESERT, DOT NAVAL, SNOW, FLAT URBAN, WOODLAND, HEXAGON NAVAL, SPLINTER URBAN, STARBURST DESERT, TIGER DESERT, and TURTLE AUTUMN. A new angled grip under barrel attachment as well as a few attachments are pictured.

Notably missing from the Recon class is the motion sensor ball seen during the live pre-alpha game stream. C4 appears to be confirmed to be part of the Recon’s armament along with the T-UGS motion sensor.

Shank melee and muzzle brake? Awesome!

Click for full rez

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 4.06.33 PMrsz_shank-bf4




  • Christian McFadden

    i like the camouflages in bf4 but i know you’re not done with the game yet but some suggestions i have you could consider. i think every one in the battlefield and outside of the FPS community that would be sucked into the glorious fun and tremendous graphics and details you guys put on to the game they would love some purple, and red tiger camouflage and digital( expand on that digital and tiger) . that’s just my opinion and hopefully we have all the guns from the dlc cause well……we did pay for them not just get the game. – christian- CHRIZZY_15- p.s.- WASUP WITH YOU GUYS ON CHANGING FROM PLAYSTATION TO X BOX LIKE THAT COD IS ALREADY ON THERE BUT I KIND OF UNDERSTAND WITH YOU GUYS TRYING TO WIN OVER MORE COD FANS BUT IF IT’S SOMETHING ELSE LIKE FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITIES AND BENEFITS TO YOUR COMPANY I SEE WHERE YOUR COMING FROM. if the guys who made this website could send this to EA for bf4…just ask’n.

    • Branden Cusolle

      What i hope is for when you unlock a camo for a gun it goes for every single gun not just one like it is now for bf3. I have played bf4 and there already are a few camos in the alpha so hopefully there will be a lot more in the full game. Thanks for the comment!