DICE Los Angeles is ’100% focused on Battlefield 4′

EA-Dice-Los-AngelesFresh off announcing it cut 10% of its workforce to trim costs, Electronic Arts is investing in a new Los Angeles studio for its Stockholm-based DICE game developer. With the goal of poaching talent from rivals, EA/DICE  is attempting to build a team of 60 at DICE Los Angeles by the end of 2013. DICE General manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson said that there is “an extreme talent pool” in the Los Angeles area, and that it’s “no secret our main competitor is there”. By competitor, he is of course referring to Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch… both are based in Los Angeles.

“With regards to DICE L.A., they are an extension of DICE Sweden and are working on the same projects across both locations,” EA PR director Pete Nguyen told GamesBeat. “Both teams are 100 percent focused on Battlefield 4.”. Nguyen added, “We recently announced that with our Star Wars license agreement, DICE and Visceral will join BioWare in developing future Star Wars games using our Frostbite engine, as DICE in Sweden works on Star Wars so too will DICE in L.A.”

Got talent? Make Battlefield 4 great! Apply via their job listings page.