DICE: Playstation 4 will offer better Battlefield experience than Xbox One

karl_magnus_troedssonIn an interview with Game Informer and DICE’s General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, Mr. Troedsson was asked which next generation console he thinks will provide the best overall Battlefield experience.

GI: People have made a lot about the difference between the PlayStation 4 having 8GB of GDDR5 RAM versus the 5GB of DDR3 RAM allotted toward the gaming partition on the Xbox One. Do you see that as an advantage for the PlayStation 4, or is that overblown?

Troedsson: More memory or more CPU or GPU power – whatever kind of power we get out of a machine – more is always better, especially for the kind of games that we build.”. He added, “We have a long heritage of PC, and PC is a platform that has been scaled very well over the years. Naturally we’re very excited now seeing consoles that actually close in on what the PCs of today can do – even though it won’t take long before the PCs can do even more.

Microsoft may be attempting to draw in customers by their recent announcement to use the Xbox One’s Kinect contrary to the statements made earlier in April. Sony’s Playstation 4 has been ranked ahead of the Xbox One in a recent Amazon poll.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    I thought only 7GB of GDDR5 RAM on Playstation 4 was allotted to gaming.

    • Magilla187

      it is but if they choose they can use a larger portion of it

  • SGTAngry

    You guys really need to change the title of this article. No where does DICE say “PS4 will offer a better Battlefield experience than Xbox One.” Yes, he doesn’t directly answer the question, but that shouldn’t mean that people can put words in DICE’s mouth. Don’t add fuel to the fire when there’s no reason to.

    • BF4Blog.com

      Thanks for the feedback SGTAngry.

      We can all agree that BF4 will be the same game across all platforms right? Even with the Deluxe ver said to be coming, it is still available to all platforms. So all in all, from an experience perspective, its a level playing field for all consoles. One aspect that sets the experience apart for the user, one may argue, is the graphics and FPS provided by the gaming device. The PS3 is different from the PS4, XB from the XB1, the latter being a more superior product, hardware wise, than it’s kin. That’s the point of releasing new consoles, upgraded hardware to support newer more graphic intense software, creating a better experience for the user.

      We were mercy stating that, per Troedsson,”More memory or more CPU or GPU power – whatever kind of power we get out of a machine – more is always better, especially for the kind of games that we build.”. Thus implying a user should receive a better experience from a machine that has more CPU/GPU power, e.g the PS4. One would argue that a PC built with high end, recent hardware, playing BF3 on ultra settings provides a better Battlefield experience than an older PC forced to play on low settings… but let’s keep this to consoles.

      • SGTAngry

        Thanks for the reply – yes, I understand all of that. Two things: 1) he dodged the question because EA / DICE need to maintain relationships with both MSFT and SONY, and 2) They never said what you put in the title of the article.

        I mean, why don’t you say “DICE: PC will have a better experience than PS4 and Xbox One”? Because that’s not as shocking of a headline to get people to click on it.

        There’s a number of points that can be debated here, but the only thing I’m interested in is the title of your post. I come here every day to see if there’s anything new, and this particular story just bothered me.

        • Fred

          Probably because you are one of those people who think Xbox One will dominate Ps4. I’m not siding with either but if I had a choice it’d probably be Ps4

          • SGTAngry

            The entire reason that I posted was to prevent the inevitable “Xbox One VS. PS4″ discussion, but thanks for your assumptions about me.