DICE Starts Bi-weekly Battlefield 4 Q&A, Reveals Chinese Vehicles

Today, DICE has announced  ChineseHelicopterthey will be doing a bi-weekly Q & A session to answer questions about Battlefield 4 in the weeks before it’s release.

“In the spirit of keeping you informed and Prepared 4 Battle we’re starting a new series called “Ask DICE,” featuring questions that we’ve received from Battlefield players and answers straight from the development team. Check back here at the Battlefield blog every other Friday for answers, exclusive info, and more.”

In the pilot session, DICE officially revealed some more details about vehicles in the game, most notable a list of Chinese vehicles, which may be added to in the feature (notice the exclusion of a jet).

-Type 99 MBT
-ZFB-05 Armored Car
-Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli
-Z-10W Attack Heli
-DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat

Amphibious Assault will play a big role in Battlefield 4 as they’ve added attack boats like the RCB-90 (U.S.) and jet-skis. Controlling the sea in addition to the land and air will play a crucial role in victory.

And, if you need to bail out of your jet-ski or attack boat, now you’ll be able to dive underwater or sprint-swim away to escape pursuers. If the situation gets desperate, you’ll also be able to use one-handed weapons and one-handed gadgets while in water for the first time.

Check out the page here. Be sure to stop by every other Friday for the latest info.

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  • a407hustla

    So if I’m aloud to dive under water can we set off c4 charges while being under water? That’d be a nice view to see an underwater boat explosion

    • xtole

      Omg im totally trying that!!

    • Arkalis

      I believe that’s what he implied with one-handed gadgets.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Already been confirmed C4 use while in and underwater

  • Garry dubin

    how are they picking the questions? can we submit?