DICE: We Underestimated Console Gamers

Lars-GustavssonIn a recent interview with MMGN at Gamescom, Battlefield 4 creative director Lars Gustavsson said DICE would be focusing a lot more on the console version of the company’s latest installment of the Battlefield franchise.  The Battlefield series has always been inherently “PC”, Mr. Gustavsson mentions that console gamers were underestimated by the company and that they were now aware that the console audience was more hardcore than they had ever thought.

When we did Modern Combat on PS2 and Xbox, it was our first console experience,” he said. ”Then we did Bad Company 1. In some areas we were dumbing it down too much, and we underestimated console gamers.”

We’ve come to realize that it’s [the console market] definitely that ‘hardcore’ audience that’s in line with the PC crowd,” he explained. ”Obviously it changes how the game is designed and played, but working on PC has allowed us to evolve and change Frostbite. It was always a matter of bringing that over to consoles, rather than changing it to better fit consoles.”

DICE’s General Manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson, was asked last month which next generation console he thinks will provide the best overall Battlefield experience. He answered, “Playstation 4“.

  • Xfactor

    shots fired!

    • mus1CKFps

      curiosity, but is this the real Xfactor ?

  • Zachary Smith

    Oh no here it comes

    • ScreamFace

      Yeah, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

      To be honest though, I wish they’d make the full on Battlefield game an every two-three year thing. Then have a ‘dumbed down’ Bad Company game in between. I actually kind of feel BF3 was more dumbed down than BC2. It expanded the game out bigger, but it was too controlled and too fast.

  • Alan Sardon

    that comment about ps4 wasnt directly said and it was before specs for the next gen system were even finalized. the ps4 does not have 8gb of ram for gaming all this has been cleared up now please do better

  • Matthew Burns

    Way to take a shit on PC gamers DICE.

    • Damascus

      I don’t think you understand what was said here. The BC series were dumbed down simply because Dice underestimated the console community, and the same goes for BF3(You gotta admit it was pretty friggin’ dumbed down comapred to older BF’s). Now that they understand that console players can be just as hardcore as PC players, they can make a Battlefield that caters to both audiences without dumbing anything down for anybody.

      • ScreamFace

        I think the thing is, PC gamers, like me. Still believe the console market is more dumbed down than the PC market. Even if it’s just from a technical game playing point of view. So any focus on consoles more than PC is automatically bad.

  • Arkalis

    I don’t get the big fuzz over this. He just said that DICE had dumbed down the console porting to suit how they thought the console games were meant to play and that now rather than changing the game design-wise they’ll try to export it as true to the PC version as possible…this is good for the console versions and doesn’t affect the PC version.

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    In the words of Kel “Awww here it goes!”