EA / DICE releases new Battlefield 4 Multiplayer trailer. New maps shown [Update: Now with trailer breakdown]

Trailer breakdown video courtesy of LevelCap after the break…

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  • Emeraldon

    This movie gave me so intense chills i almost fell off my chair.

    Cannot. wait. must. play.

    • Jay Kay

      @2m25 i hoped it was a Mil Mi24 but it bet it is the Mi28

      • Emeraldon

        That’s the chinese WZ-10. I’d much rather have the Mi-24 Hind over the Mi-28 myself too, though.

    • JB

      Im gonna have a seizure if they dont hurry up luckly we can play the beta oct 1st

  • Phobia256

    I hope to see a trailer breakdown somewhere pretty soon (hint).
    We see at least 3 or 4 new maps in this trailer, so pretty exciting stuff. Also the orange camo looks awful and very arcadish…

    • Emeraldon

      Luckily, you get to choose your own camo. Also, think about how much you’ll love it when the derpsters use it and you can spot them from a hundred miles away and take them out.

      • Cameron

        This is exactly what I was thinking. Some of these camos are going to make it MUCH easier to spot vehicles. Only the yoloswag idiots and clueless people are going to use camos that make you stand out that much. On the other hand, they could be very useful and pretty cool looking (like using a snow pattern camo on a SNOW map).

    • BF4Blog.com

      Trailer breakdown posted (video)

      • Phobia256

        Thanks a lot!