EA Hopes to Improve Premium Service for Battlefield

bf-premiumThe majority of popular games that feature DLC offer a season pass; however, Battlefield 3 took this system one step further with the Battlefield 3 Premium service. Premium included all five map packs, a new knife, twenty new weapons, ten new vehicles, four new game modes, thirty plus assignments,  twenty plus dog tags, and exclusive double-xp events. Evidently, Battlefield 3 Premium provided an abundance of gameplay additions to provide players with fresh content for one entire year. According to EA’s Frank Gibeau in interview with IGN, the vast majority of Premium subscribers were very pleased with this service and plan to improve Premium for Battlefield 4.

We had a great customer response on the premium service for Battlefield 4 [3].  You can fully expect that we’ll exceed that value offering and the feature set next time. It worked great.” Frank Gibeau commented.

EA/DICE have already confirmed two of Battlefield 4′s first two expansion packs, China Rising and Second Assault. It is thought that thee premium service will either match the five expansion packs of Battlefield 3 or potentially exceed that amount. China Rising will include four brand new maps and new vehicles, while Second Assault, available to Xbox One owners first, will feature four redesigned fan favorite maps. Hopefully, EA and DICE will succeed in their plans for Premium on Battlefield 4, extending the life of BF4.

In an interview with Japanese game publication 4Gamer, EA’s Patrick Soderlund explained why Second Assault will be made available to Xbox One customers first. Saying, “For the release of “Second Assault”, maintaining the cooperation with Microsoft is one of the reasons [it's released there first], but it’s also partly because the multiplayer of BF3 has been strongly supported by the Xbox community, and we’re showing gratitude for that support.

Pre-order Battlefield 4 today and receive China Rising, the first expansion pack announced by EA/DICE, free.