EA is optimistic that BF4 will “exceed expectations” due to E3 success

ea-moneyYesterday, at 5pm EST, EA had their Q1 2014 with investors and sounded happy with how things are progressing with Battlefield 4 according to OXM.co.uk and SeekingAlpha’s transcript of the call.

When talking about Battlefield 4 at E3, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen, had this to say. “We’re very optimistic based on what we saw coming out of E3″ and then added “The excitement that was on the floor, the excitement around our press conference, the fact that we had 64 players playing virtually nonstop every hour the booth was open, was a very big positive, not to mention all of the nominations we got for awards”.

Frank Gibeau, EA Labels president commented “the DICE team was very encouraged and excited by the reception at E3. We will be publishing the game across five platforms this Christmas, and we’re excited about how we’re matching up against the competition and what the generation 4 technology on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is going to enable us to do”.

“We have a lot of innovation happening in the multiplayer game and new online features,” he said, adding “But in addition to that, the single player experience has got even more epic than in Battlefield 3. So we feel like it’s a generation ahead of Battlefield 3. We believe that we will exceed expectations, and it’s very exciting around here right now in terms of the teamwork that we’re putting against Battlefield 4″.

Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, also had something to say regarding his experiences with E3 and retailers across the globe. “We came off very strong [at] E3. As I travel the world and speak to retailers, there is incredible optimism and anticipation for this title, and Frank [Gibeau] and his team and, in particular, the DICE team has done brilliantly coming out of E3″.

“Our 50 million target, which is what we ended up and what we currently have at Battlefield 3 feels very achievable. So we’re feeling good there”. Although we’re not entirely sure at what the “50million target” exactly refers to at this time, it was, however, mentioned later in the call that EA Origin has 50million members which can’t be a bad thing for any company.

With the new innovations and technology like Frostbite3, Levolution, and the revived Commander Mode (last seen in Battlefield 2142). I have to share EA’s optimism and personally, I would be very surprised if it turned out that Battlefield 3 was the more successful game.

Do you share the optimism of the EA Execs or has the Battlefield franchise reached it’s peak? Feel free to post in the comments below.