EA Voted Worst Company in America, Again

ea-sucksThough this “award” was handed out to EA earlier this year, it appears that EA is still not learning from it’s mistakes given the fiasco that is the Battlefield 4 launch. Rocky, failed, unacceptable, whatever you want to call it, EA has again managed to anger its community and we are all reminded, again, why EA deserves this crowning achievement.

For two years in row, Consumerist voters have awarded video game publisher Electronic Arts the title of Worst Company In America. New CEO Andrew Wilson is now claiming that the company is listening to angry customers.

I think it was a wake-up call,” admitted Wilson, “Whether you respect the source or not.” Continuing, he said, “It was something we spent a lot of time and energy over and continue to spend a lot and energy over, and for us it was less about ‘How do we not get voted the Worst Company again?’ but more about, ‘Okay, are there things that we could do differently or things that we have done that have been misinterpreted that would cause people to feel that way?

And again, what we’ve done is said, ‘What is our role?’ Our role is to build great games and services. Is there anything that we’re doing that is an impediment to that or an inhibitor of that?… What we’ve been doing over time is we’ve been working to either update those things or eliminate those things and really get back to our focus on game because at the end of the day, if we’re making great games and services, we won’t get voted Worst Company In America again.

simcity-1-5-starsA quasi-apology from COO Peter Moore said things like the company “made plenty of mistakes” and that they “owe gamers a better performance,” but it’s the rest of what he said that only angered the public more. At the time of this award, EA was fighting another failed game launch, SimCity. Plagued with DRM issues, anger over microtransactions, and the inability to forecast server requirements during launch, it was clear that something was serious wrong with EA and that gamers would start revolting. SimCity’s currently sitting at a 1.5 star rating given by nearly 4000 customers on Amazon.

Seems that history is starting to repeat itself if you read the reviews and view Battlefield 4′s rating on Amazon.

Short lead time between beta and retail, talks of EA pushing Battlefield 4 through quality control in order to beat Call of Duty to the market, does the Battlefield 4 launch rival SimCity’s launch to be one of the biggest gaming disasters in recent memory? Does EA deserve to be named the worst company in America for a third consecutive year?

Video is NSFW, tons of colorful language


  • BullShooter

    In all complete honesty, the best route would have been to let DICE work on BF4 for another year or two with an open beta lasting about half a year to fully get a test of the strain the amount of players wanting to play the game will have on the servers. Why a year or two? Battlefield 4 is a PC and NEXT Generation console game; it just isn’t built to play on current generation consoles as well as BF3 could. I mean hell, it takes TWICE as much to run BF4 as it did BF3. I’m sorry but whomever decided that attempting to beat Call of Duty to the market was how you beat Call of Duty needs to be beaten senseless with a fish. In another year or two, MOST if not ALMOST ALL of your console players would have had a PS4 or a XBone. Trying to be call of duty is not how you beat call of duty, you people even said so yourself. GG EA, you done goofed.

  • moon_bucket

    EA is run by suits who don’t play games and never have. At best a few light console games. Granted the computer games industry always had a dicey business model but whatever EA is doing is not working. BF is the only EA title I would consider playing. The rest are dumbed down to appeal to the lowest common denominator. If that’s really your model, well, good luck.

    I don’t expect it to change in any way.

  • Angry_Beaver69

    And once again… EA leaves the beta testing to the early adopters.
    BF4 is the last EA title I buy out of the gate. I’ll either wait a couple of months to buy it… or I’ll buy Cowaduty.

  • GuruChaz

    EA hasn’t learned a thing, tells people what they want to hear, and releases the same broken/shoddy products…most with horrid micro transactions. I have not bought another EA game and now I’m glad I didn’t buy Battlefield 4.

    EA: Looking to be “Worst Company in America” 3 years in a row for bad products and poor treatment of consumers. Their hyping of how they treat their employees lately is more for the media. They needed to do that all along and not when they were in the negative spotlight. I don’t trust EA.

    • Shane McCausland

      And the sad part is that award will once again get played down because of company’s like Bank of America or BP being on the list. If EA ran a bank everyone would be fucking homeless. Money as the bottom line, instead of product quality, is a terrible, terrible business practice that somehow got accepted at the standard model.

      BULLSHIT. Product Quality used to drive america, how the fuck did the logic shift to money as the accepted bottom line?

      I will tell you how. Global elitists buying out Hollywood and other entertainment medias. Fed the BS memo to the public for 30 years and all of a sudden its accepted as a standard undermining our core values.

  • Victor E. Medley

    NO! Give this award to Microsoft!

    • Random

      Microsoft can do a lot better job than EA but Microsoft isn’t far off

  • chilen

    My frustrations with EA have reached a boiling point over the past 2 days.
    I’m trying to play Simpsons Tapped Out, and one of the quests is to add a friend. I was playing without logging into my origin account but to add a friend it says that you need to log in. Well I put in my email address and my most common password. I never use origin so I’m not really sure what my password was but there is only 3 or 4 passwords that I use on the internet so I tried them all and every time it told me that I had the wrong password.
    So I clicked on the password reset button and filled out the form and was told that I had been sent an email to reset my password. I checked my email, and never received anything. I waited some more…nothing. I filled out the reset password form again and got another message saying an email had been sent……nothing. I tried again and again and again. It said it was sending a message every time but I received nothing. I checked my spam folder, junk folder, inbox…everything…..and never recieved anything from them.

    I went to the origin website and logged in with my psn account and this pretty much just opened up a new account for me since it had a different email address than the one I had been trying to log in with. I went to the change password page and tried to change my password right from inside my account. To do this I needed to enter my current password. I used the password for my psn account but it said that was the wrong password.

    I said “Screw It” and tried to open up a new account right from scratch with a completely different email address….. All good until once again I got to the select a password part.
    It asked me to select a password so I chose one that I always use and got a message saying it wasn’t good enough and I needed a Upper Case and loser case letter and also a number in the password. I used another one of my passwords that met these requierments and got a message that it was not secure enough. So I made up a new password which goes as follows…..Upper means upper case letter and lower means lower case….

    Upper, lower, lower, lower, Number, Upper, lower, lower, Number, Number, Question Mark.

    I then got a message saying that the password was still not secure enough!!!!!!!!


    Password is 11 characters long, 2 Upper case letters, 5 lower case letters, 3 numbers and a question mark!!!!!!!!! How the F*** is this not secure enough?!??!!?!?!

    I give up EA. I guess I’m just not good enough to play your shitty ass games!!!!!

    • Shane McCausland

      The whole secure password thing is just nonsense anyways, since most accounts are compromised via Trojan. If people are really using brute force thats just a total failure on the company.

  • carp

    BF3 was and still is a POS and people expected better from a company that has done nothing but released half finished games since the release of BF3. I think people should be more angry at themselves then EA. And NO EA this is not a pat on your back fix your crap before the customers fix it with their wallets

  • MuscledRMH

    They did even worse with Warfighter and they never fixed that game….

  • Shane McCausland

    These game company’s are going to have to wake up and realize the bottom line has to be product quality, give devs as much time as they fucking need. DLC should actually add a bonus to the game, not be stripped away from the original product to be resold later for a quick buck.

    Bottom line as money just reflects terribly on your product quality and your overall business will suffer.