Fix for BF4 Loading Screen Bug; BF4 BugTracker

For some people, the latest patch, which fixed a few minor issues, and the big “Sound Loop Crash”, created a problem with not being to get past the loading screen, though most indications are that gameplay is still consistent.

Some players have found various fixes for this issue, and it seems to stem from using a third-party settings changer to effect the UI.DrawEnable configuration.

Here’s a suggestion on how to fix it, thanks to /u/LightOfShadows on Reddit:

In your origin games/battlefield 4 folder (or where ever your root folder is) open user.cfg in notepad or other text program. Delete the line UI.DrawEnable 1 and save the file.

Note, this settings file should only be present if you have manually created it using a third-party settings editor for BF4. This would explain the issue, as DICE would not support the editor.

If you do not have the file but are still experiencing the issue, some players have reported that changing the browser that you launch from has worked.


On a related note, redditor Red_Spider has created a BF4 Bug/issue tracker, which can be used to look for issues that you may experience and see if they are confirmed or known, and also if they are being worked on. DICE also looks at and updates the list whenever necessary, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

Although it is fan-made, it is a very useful tool to use in tracking issues that have come up with BF4.
Hopefully this will help with both keeping a track of these issues for DICE, but helping players know which issues have been looked at and also looking to see if bugs they have experienced have been seen before.
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