Gamespot poll and Multiplayer issues hint at possible Multiplayer failure

ddos_attackThe following is a post made by EA_AgentX on Battlelog drive continued frustations on the stability of Battlefield’s multiplayer. DICE’s recent issue stemmed from a DDOS attack that forced the company to reboot their servers.

Despite our security measures, we have been working around the clock to mitigate the impact of an ongoing denial-of-service attack on our Battlefield 3 game infrastructure over the last several days. While the motives are unclear, the focus of the attack has been interference with network communications preventing access to multiplayer gameplay. At this point, no user data is involved. We share your frustration about the impact this has had to our service and the ability for many of you to play Battlefield 3. We are working tirelessly to mitigate the problem.

As a part of our efforts to resolve these issues, we’ve conducted rolling restarts of Battlefield infrastructure servers to apply some updates. Thank you for your patience and support while we work to get everyone back and playing Battlefield 3 as soon as possible. More updates to come.

GamespotSince these posts were made they have managed to secure the system and are still working “around the clock” to sort out the hackers. Apparently the problem is solved and nobody’s account has been touched. The main worry is that because of the similarities between Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 we may see these sorts of problems earlier on after the games release. There were countless problems with Battlefield 3 but they have generally been resolved, patched or even improved. Following on from this it is very important that DICE + EA get the multiplayer right as this recent survey from Gamespot points out.

82 per cent of people are anticipating Battlefield 4′s multi-player more than its singleplayer

If a lot of problems were to occur the game could lose interest almost instantly, although many fans will probably put up with server rollbacks for some of the best gameplay on the market. Another thing I found in the comment section beneath was a comment made by dudderdave which stated how battlefield is renowned for team-based multiplayer. And as we all know campaign is a very new component to the battlefield franchise. Another part of the franchise which has been rumored to be leaving us is the coop component of the game. This was disappointing news for a lot of Battlefield fans, even though it was probably not the games biggest success or revolution it provided 3 hours of interesting tactical gameplay and 6 missions to enjoy with friends and other Battlefield players. This is still only a rumor too and we will only know if there is coop multiplayer aspect in time to come. With all of this information in hand we are still unsure how Battlefield 4 is going to turn out. Some may say that too many set backs have been made and the game has limited protection for players information, but as we already know the Development team on the game will work as hard as they can to prevent issues and give the community what it wants.