How to import custom Battlefield 4 emblems


Battlefield 4 allows players to add their own flair to the game by way of customizable emblems, which will appear on all your weapons and vehicles. If you’ve already created your own emblem, you know that the process of working with multiple shapes, colors, and layers can be exhausting not to mention time consuming.

There is third party software out there that can help with the effort, however the folks at have taken it a step further by allowing you to import an emblem using a modern web browser like Google Chrome.

Here’s how it’s done in three easy steps:

1: Head on over to and select one of the many emblems. Simply highlight the code and copy it (Control + C).

2: In a separate window/tab, navigate to Battlelog, sign in, and select “Customize Emblem” in the soldier section. Create a new emblem, and then hit Control + Shift + J in Google Chrome (Ctrl-Shift-K for Firefox, F12 in Internet Explorer), which will open up the console for the web page.customize-bf4-emblem

3: Go to the bottom of the console page, and paste the code (Control + V) that you copied from the emblem page. Hit Enter. Done

Here is a YouTube video showing you the steps using Google Chrome.

  • BullShooter

    pfft, what is this shit?

    Hold on, Ima show this fool how you make a bush wookie.

  • ScreamFace

    What is this third party software that can help designing emblems?

    Personally I don’t like this whole copying emblems crap. It should be about self expression. Now there’s no point to make a good emblem as people will just think you copied it from else where.

  • Proton

    i dont get it what the hell is this

  • Noooob

    Shift-Control-K for Firefox on a Mac doesn’t work. Suggestions? Can someone tell me what to do?

    • kristiambrose

      Not to sound like an asshole, but make sure you are clicking control and shift and not control and caps locks. For some reason my finger just automatically KEPT going to caps instead of shift.

    • Dan K

      command option J is for chrome on mac. Try shaking your computer vigorously.

  • kristiambrose

    This worked wonders for my emblem, but I cannot get it do it for my platoon emblem.

    • dave mcnair

      mate ive got the same problem. did it for my soldier but cant manage it for the platoon as it says EMBLEM_ERROR_NOT_UNLOCKED_SHAPES

      totally doing my head in!!! Did you suss it out?

  • Guest

    Is there a way to do this with Safari as the browser?