Jan 30 Patch Silent Fixes and Known Issues

killed-by-battlefield4Yesterday’s patch (also released today for Xbox360), has so far been regarded as being successful, but as a follow up, it is important to note changes that may not have been detailed in the official patch notes, and also issues that have shown up because of it.

Credit to the users over at this reddit thread for these changes.


—- Multiple missile SRAW change[1] You can no longer have multiple missiles in the air at once.

—- Change kit at Test Range [2]

—- Increased color and contrast [4] They’ve increased the color and contrast on all camouflage thumbnail images in the Customize menu.

—- New killed by icon [5] New killed by icon as seen in the top of the image.

—- Reduced the “black screen” on spawn from ~1.14 seconds to ~0.11 seconds. (This was in the official notes)

—- 3D enemy spot icons (doritos) scaling [6] The enemy spot icons now scales down the more far away you are. Notice how small they are just above the crosshair on image.

—- In-game chat color update [7] Some in-game chat colors have been updated.

—- Client information icon [8] The HUD icon indicate if anything is going wrong with the client such as packet loss, FPS drops, etc.

—- Xbox One AND PS4 in-game chat [10] Xbox One AND PS4 now has a “chat” window that pops up when people make requests such as asking for ammo.

 —- In-game scoreboard icons [12] In-game scoreboard icons/numbers are slightly smaller.

—- Admin messages show up on screen [13] Admin messages now show up on screen like seen in the image.

—- Bombcarrier spotted 24/7 in Defuse[15] “As soon as somebody picksup the bomb he is spotted for the enemy team.”

—- RCB changed to DV-15 on Paracel Storm [16] The “silent” RCB in the Chinese deployment has been changed to an DV-15 and is now available through the spawn screen.

—- RCB on Rush at Hainan Resort [17] The attackers on Rush at Hainan Resort now gets a RCB at (at least) the first base.

—- People are reporting that the UCAV reloading has been changed, “it now reloads w/o an ammo supply within 45-55 seconds”.


There have also been some bugs that have come about due to this patch:

—- A major one seems to be that when you would enter into a gunner seat in a tank it would crash the game. It has been reported for multiple game modes and maps.

—- Sound would stop working on some TDM and SQDM, with possible occurrences on other modes.  DICE is aware of this one, and some players have reported that it fixes itself at the start of a new round, or  disabling/re-enabling your sound card will fix it.

—- Minor bugs for commander mode including no timer, no UAV, or control points. You can also designate HVTs as anyone who has at least a 1 kill streak.

—- Spawning in a squadmate’s vehicle has been causing crashes

—- Minor reportings of invisible soldiers (spooky ghosts). One player said it went away when he got on a dirt bike.

Thanks to the users in this thread for reporting these issues.

  • Pierre-antoine Romagny

    n°15 is a really bad idea IMO… since there’s no respawn, no one will be willing to carry and plant the bomb which is the main point of this game mode. I guess there’s only rush left for me to play…

  • Aria68

    “Increased color and contrast for camo” < I hate it!