Latest “Road to BF4″ Blog shows Russian soldiers, Field upgrades, Suppression

RussianSoldiersIn their latest “Road to BF4″ blog post, Core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz goes in depth into changes they have made to squad play since BF3, most noticeably Field Upgrades, which are ways that squads can gain an advantage in the battlefield with good play.

There is too much information to go over in this write up, so check out the blog for all the details, but Kertz talks about how there are specialized field upgrades for each class, and also two general ones that specialize in offense or defense.

Another part of the blog is dedicated to the changes made in the suppression system, and how it has changed from battlefield 3. Most notably, how for most classes it is greatly reduced, and how the visible effect has been taken out, in favor of an effect which allows for more skilled control.

“Besides changing the visual effects of suppression, we’re also replacing the accuracy penalty in Battlefield 3 with a scope sway effect – similar to what snipers get in Battlefield 3 while suppressed. A skilled, focused player can keep his aim on target and get hits, even while under the effects of Suppression.”

This is a great change, which reduces one of the most controversial effects in BF3. Be sure to check out the blog for all of the info.


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