Levolution: How far will it go?


One of the most anticipated aspects of Battlefield 4 is the new levels of destruction and environment control called “Levolution”. We have seen good examples of what this could entail from all of the footage shown at E3, in both the released videos and the live alpha footage. What hasn’t been answered yet is whether this aspect will play a bigger role than what we have seen so far.

The video below is an interview with Battlefield 4′s Executive Producer Patrick Bach at E3, and while there is no breaking feature releases in it, he does explain some minor details that you may have missed before. One of the main things he talks about is the range that levolution will encompass. All the way from single objects like fire extinguishers spraying out when hit to the already known examples of destroying pillars to trap tanks and falling skyscrapers.

Obviously things are not going to be the same when we finally get to experience the Beta in a couple of months. Will we see BC2 destruction (at a higher scale) where you can take out entire buildings to the point of collapse, or will it be toned down closer to BF3 levels where you can destroy some walls, but not much else?

My prediction: It will be better than BF3. We have already seen examples of that. I also think that all or most maps (excluding ones brought in from previous games) will have one major environment activity similar to the skyscraper in Siege of Shanghai. They will all incorporate more minor aspects in greater numbers. Of course, pending the rumors of a possible titan game mode and others yet released, we may find different aspects of levolution will take place that we can’t even guess yet.

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