Levolution – More to Come


From details and discussions already had, we know that levolution will go beyond the predetermined destruction of Battlefield 3, as it is meant to affect game play in some way. DICE has stated that the intent of levolution is to change the way a map plays, thus encompassing both destructive elements, such as the Shanghai tower, and non-destructive, such as bollards.

From game play footage and DICE interviews, we have seen and heard of various forms of destructive levolution:

*  The tower in Siege of Shanghai can be taken down by the players, creating a pile of debris and a cloud of dust that obscures vision, especially from the air.
*  Underground pillars can be destroyed, causing a section of roadway to cave in, possibly changing routes or trapping vehicles.
*  Partial collapse of awnings/balconies to give access to an elevated location.
*  Macro and micro destruction similar to, but somewhere between what we saw in BF3 and BC2.

We have also seen and heard of various forms of non-destructive levolution:
*  Bollards can be raised and lowered to block passage.
*  Fire extinguishers can be shot to create a temporary smokescreen
*  Store barricades can be lowered to protect a flank
*  Car and store alarms can be triggered, alerting enemies to your presence
*  Generators can be shut off, killing power to buildings and elevators

Experience a dynamic battlefield where no two games will ever be the same.  Your actions physically change the battlefield in real-time, providing interactive game environments that react to your every move.

And these are just the things we see in Siege of Shanghai.  What else will DICE bring us?  They have already indicated that every Battlefield 4 map should have a significant levolution element like the Shanghai tower. Whenever I see levolution discussed, most of the ideas for what people would like to se
e involve significant destruction, like the tower falling or a dam breaking.  However, it goes beyond destruction to include any dynamic elements that change the map or change the way you interact with the map.

I have compiled a list of ideas (both mine and seen other places) of destructive forms of levolution we might see in Battlefield 4:

*  Dam breaking, flooding the map below, limiting access to areas by land vehicle and adding access for attack boats.
*  More buildings falling and pillars collapsing, like we see in Siege of Shanghai (many have suggested destroying pillars if Operation Metro is brought back, giving access to the area above the metro).
rsz_battlefield_4_screenshot_8-10-13*  Knocking over antennas/radio towers (think Caspian Border) and cranes, eliminating sniper perches and crushing buildings and vehicles below.
*  Destroying bridges
*  Greater building destruction (like in BC2)
*  Wildfires on an open field map or an oilfield that can be lit.  Fire creates damaging barrier and smoke obscuring visibility
*  Frozen lake – ice can be destroyed to cause infantry to fall in and give access to attack boats
*  Avalanche or mudslide triggered by RPG or tank fire to block routes or buildings
*  Destructible walls or gates that can be opened to give access to new flanking routes on more linear maps (like the “snow map” from the Battlelog trailer)
*  Jungle map with extremely dense patches of trees where destruction clears a path for tanks
*  Locks or debris that can block a waterway, denying access to boats
*  Persistent wreckage of vehicles providing cover and blocking routes
*  Ceilings/floors that can be destroyed for ambush
*  Knock down power lines – power line and water it touches now damage like fire
*  Gas lines like in BF3, but instead of instant explosions, allow small arms fire to create leaks that can cause an explosion from firing near the leak
*  Trenches and foxholes
*  Environmental design elements that can be used to directly damage or kill enemies, such as a large chandelier that can be dropped on victims below

I have also compiled a list of ideas (again, some mine, some not) of non-destructive forms of levolution we may yet see in Battlefield 4:

*  Changing weather (storm rolls in, rain gets stronger, decreasing visability, flashes of lightning)
*  Sprinkler systems to set off, disrupting visability
*  Loud fire alarms withing buildings, affecting ability to hear footsteps, gunfire, etc.
*  Soggy ground slowing vehicles and infantry
*  Doors you can open/close
*  Bridges that can be raised/lowered
*  Working cranes on any port maps that can be used to move shipping crates to create new barriers
*  Other passive means of transport, like the elevators in Siege, such as lifts/gondolas on a ski resort
*  Movable objects to create new cover
*  Security booth with a camera feed

What ideas do you have? Share big, small, destruction, and non-destruction.

Josh, aka "Heplinger", is a father, PC gamer, and geek who enjoys the speculation and analysis of Battlefield content, as well as the discussion of the hardware behind it. He is content producer for Heplinger Gaming on YouTube, posting Battlefield and other gaming content.
  • Thomas Deisinger

    Very Nice!

    • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

      Thank you! I think this is one of the things that makes me most eager about BF4. If they do it well and give us lots of options that really do make each game different, this iteration of the series will be incredibly enjoyable.

      • Magilla187

        hey i just found out there just may be jungles in BF4 after all because the surrounding areas of China/Shanghai is dense with foliage trees etc… basically what im trying to say is jungle maps with small swampish areas and dense trees is definitely a possibility can’t wait to see what they show at Gamescom next week

        • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

          I really hope that is true. I would love to see a vast variety of maps this time around. I want to feel as though every map requires my team and me to approach the round in a different way. I also think a larger variety of map types will offer far more opportunities for implementing levolution.

          • mus1CKFps

            i couldn’t have said it better i really hope the wow factor is set on HIGH at gamescom seeing as its DICEs home turf this would be amazing at what they show us, not to mention they also said they were going to be bringing in the J-20 fighter jet on the Chinese side so anythings possible at this point

  • Aria68

    Great article …

    • http://battlefieldonmymind.blogspot.com/ Heplinger

      Thank you!