Weapon Customization in Battlefield 4. Loadouts, Accessories and Weapons, Oh My!

This weeks “Road to Battlefield” Blog dives deep into what DICE had clearly been putting a lot of effort into, which is the sheer amount of weapons that they have in Battlefield 4. Not only the old and new weapons, but also the exorbitant amount of add-ons and accessories which they have put in.

“To give you a brief example of the vast amount of weapon variety you’ll get in Battlefield 4, let’s multiply the number of customization options you have on a single assault rifle. With everything from optics, other accessories and camos, you’ll end up with more than 240,000 variations – and that’s for one single weapon in your arsenal!”

If you’ve seen some of the videos coming out of Gamescom in the recent weeks, you have probably seen the weapon customization menus, and the number of accessories you can have, almost to the point of them being redundant. They may be, but having redundancies is better than having fewer options overall.

Another welcome addition is the effects that the customizations have on the loadout screen, it will show you exactly the effect that an item will have on the gun stats, which is a welcome addition from Battlefield 3.

“Browsing through the accessories, you’ll notice a handy visual guide on the right part of your screen. Here, weapon stats such as damage, accuracy, hip fire accuracy, range, and stability are displayed in easy to read bars – so you can immediately gauge what effect equipping a certain accessory has.”

Also discussed in the post is all of the new camos, the new range-finder and 40x scopes for recons, and a video showing handgun customization, which is a new feature in Battlefield 4.

Read the blog post here.

  • paulinacio

    “240,000 variations” That is impressive

    • woubit

      In fairness, quite a lot of those will be the same attachments with different camos… but its still an amazingly huge number….