More DICE Developers Offer Views on Xbox One vs Playstation 4

xbox-one-playstation-4In the aftermath of Microsoft’s shocking decision to delay the Xbox One launch date in Russia, Sweden, and Denmark, some DICE employees offered their view on the next-gen home console war.

I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden.” stated gameplay designer Alan Kurtz.

Gameplay designer Gustav Halling also joined the outrage by posting a comment on Twitter. “Not sure what Xbox is thinking when not launching in a progressive country like Sweden, we always buy what is hot and that will be PS4.

If developers of a very prominent game are concerned about the Xbox One and the decisions of Microsoft, how will this influence gamers who want to buy one of the next-gen consoles this November? This may give Sony fuel to expand their Battlefield fan base which seemed very small for Battlefield 3 compared to the PC and Xbox 360 communities. According to VGChartz, PS4 pre-order totals for Battlefield 4 are currently dominating Xbox One pre-order totals for the game.The Battlefield 4 community may witness a major transformation this holiday season with the potential of many Microsoft fans joining the rival Sony.

  • Stephen

    If DICE and EA are not liking the XBO as much anymore, and PS4 will have a larger community, I sure hope they will reconsider their XBO exclusivity on DLC.


    Microsoft pretty much shot themselves in the foot, again.

  • Aria68

    BF3 sold more on xbox360 compare to PS3 … however Active players on PS3 are more than the active players on xbox360 … and BF4 must be played on what ever console that is more powerful, in this case PS4, no one wants to risk having a less graphics or frame drop while playing fps like BF4