More news on Battlefield 4 Commander mode

As we know this BF2 feature is making it’s debut for BF4 and for the first time coming to console.

Dice have come right out and said it took time to work on the ”tricky design”

As some may recall having a Great commander was the make or break of a team. However having a bad one would hamper the team as they would not be getting the appropriate resources and backing from the commander and on top of that it took a guy away from fighting.

So to address this issue, DICE have reworked it. The focus is now Commander vs Commander in a type of mini game that plays out in the server. Both commanders will have their own scoring and persistence.

For example Enemy Commander calls in an airstrike against your tanks on Charlie. The guys on the ground now advance their tanks to Charlie to face your defenseless infantry. You decide to call up the AC-130. Everyone has a message on the screen either saying ”GUNSHIP ABOVE” or more worrying ”ENEMY GUNSHIP ABOVE” You have successfully countered the enemy commander.

It’s a game within a game, that should have a commander dedicated to playing his or her role due to the fact they are not part of the infantry fighting on the map. It also takes a conscious decision to select and play as a commander.